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Orin (formerly known as Aquaman) is King of Atlantis, Poseidonis and the Seven Seas.[2] He is a founding member of the Justice League, the former mentor of Aqualad and Lagoon Boy.


Aquaman can be described as bold and calm headed. As King of the Earth's oceans, he behaves in a very regal and formal manner, especially in his own home.[5] However, he seems to have his soft spots, and he allows disagreement with his command to some degree, if it carries wisdom.[6]

Aquaman seems to respect the abilities of his protégé Aqualad, and even the abilities of his teammates. However, he can at times behave patronizing towards them, though not in an intentionally rude manner. Like many of his Justice League colleagues, Aquaman takes the view that the younger generation is not ready to join the League just yet.[4] After the Team defeated Blockbuster, he changed his mind.[6]

Physical appearance

Aquaman resembles a tall, muscular Caucasian male with short blond hair, a blond beard, and aqua blue eyes. As Aquaman, he wears an orange scale-mail tunic and dark green leggings. At his waist is a gold belt that is clasped with a stylized letter "A", which has a built-in communicator. He also wears golden gauntlets on his wrists, and dark green greaves.[5]


Early life

Aquaman battles Ocean-Master.

Orin started his career as Aquaman in 2001.[7] In February[8] 2003,[9] Aquaman worked together with six other heroes[10] to defeat an Appellaxian invasion, and eventually drove them off the planet.[11] The seven assembled heroes then formed the Justice League,[8] with them as the founding members.[4]

During a battle against Ocean-Master in 2008,[12] Aquaman was aided by two students named Garth and Kaldur'ahm. He was so impressed he offered both the opportunity to become his protégé. Garth turned down the offer but Kaldur'ahm accepted and became Aqualad.[5]

July 2010

Pearl Harbor
July 4, 06:02 HST

Aquaman and Aqualad defeated Killer Frost at Pearl Harbor. Aquaman pressed Aqualad about being excited for his upcoming induction into the Justice League.[4]

Washington, D.C.
July 4, 14:00 EDT

They traveled together to the Hall of Justice in Washington, D.C.. After Speedy stormed out, Aquaman insisted that the three remaining sidekicks would eventually be allowed to accompany the League on missions when they were ready. He then joined the League to fight the sorcerer Wotan.[4]

Washington, D.C.
July 5, 00:39:16 EDT

Aquaman was present with the rest of the League following the destruction of Cadmus's ground-level facility. He tried to make Aqualad and the other sidekicks stand down, but was rebuffed.[13]

Atlantic Ocean
July 5, 12:41:16 UTC-03

On their way to Atlantis, Aquaman told Aqualad that he did not hold his apprentice's disobedience against him, and was interested in the idea of a team.[6]

Mount Justice
July 8, 08:04 EDT

Aquaman accompanied his apprentice to the former Secret Sanctuary, which Batman recommissioned as the headquarters for the newly formed covert ops team.[13]

August 2010

August 21, 16:07 EDT

Aquaman attended the funeral of Kent Nelson at the Tower of Fate.[14]

August 27, 13:00 UTC-2

Aquaman welcomed his apprentice back to Atlantis after an absence of two months, and invited him over to dinner. At the banquet, Orin revealed that Queen Mera was expecting a child. He was not able to finish the banquet, as Superman alerted him to an emergency in Tokyo Bay.[5]

September 2010

September 3, 21:08 UTC-2

During the king's absence, Black Manta and his troops attacked the city. Aquaman thanked his friends and family for guarding the city as best they could, and protecting the queen.[5]

September 7, 07:01 UTC-2

When Orin returned home from another mission with the League, he was pleased to see Aqualad and Orm had defeated Ocean-Master, and foiled the murder of Mera.[15]

Mount Justice
September 22, EDT Time Zone

Aquaman came to the Cave with the rest of the League when communications broke down. After the attack of Red Tornado, Red Torpedo, and Red Inferno, he tended to his protégé.[16]

October 2010

October 2, 01:55 CEST

Aquaman and Martian Manhunter fought the Injustice League's plant creature in Paris. They later received help from Icon and Rocket.[17]

Mount Justice
October 16, post-16:01 EDT

As part of a simulated training scenario of the Team, Aquaman was "killed" by alien invaders.[18]

November 2010

Ice Fortress-1
November 11, post-16:05 EST

Aquaman fought alongside his protégé on a flying air fortress that blanketed part of the United States with snow. He led the charge against one of the fortress's cannons, giving Aqualad the cover needed to strike it with his water-bearer constructs.[19]

The Watchtower
November 25, 06:54 EST

Aquaman was present at a League meeting to discuss the induction of new members. He opposed Red Arrow's inclusion, citing his disrespectful behavior. Aquaman also questioned Captain Marvel's suitability after it was revealed that he was really a 10-year-old boy.[20]

December 2010

Washington, D.C.
December 30, 09:16 EST

Aquaman was present at the press conference announcing the induction of Atom, Doctor Fate, Icon, Plastic Man and Red Arrow as new League members.[21]

The Watchtower
December 30, 23:46 EST

After being enslaved by the Light's mind control, Aquaman welcomed Vandal Savage aboard the Watchtower with a silent kneel of obedience.[21]

Washington, D.C.
December 31, 00:16 EST

Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Flash pursued Red Arrow after the young archer escaped the Watchtower. In the end, Red Arrow escaped via a drainage pipe.[22]

The Watchtower
December 31, post-23:16 EST

With Green Arrow and Flash, the mind-controlled Aquaman fought their younger protégés. Although the mentors were far stronger, they were hampered by Klarion's control over them and did not fight with their full abilities. The three Leaguers were defeated when Aqualad opened the airlock. They were sucked towards the exit, and knocked unconscious when they slammed against the closing door.[22]

January 2011

The Watchtower
January 1, post-00:00 EST

Aquaman was present at the debriefing of Red Arrow.[22]


Santa Prisca
February 17, pre-14:36 ECT

Aquaman traveled to Santa Prisca to investigate high levels of toxic metals in the soil and water.[23] He stumbled upon a digging expedition by the Light near Atabey's Shrine, but before he could alert anyone, he was captured by Bane. Lex Luthor and Black Manta imprisoned him in a special stasis field in the docks. They removed his buckle to use as a lure.

Aqualad and his allies, who were on the island to investigate LexCorp, defeated Black Manta and freed Aquaman. Manta tried a last ditch effort, and lamented what had happened to Kaldur'ahm. He also revealed Aquaman had kept secrets from his protégé. Aquaman quickly changed the subject.

Luthor had escaped on a series of hovercrafts. While the Team made their way across them, Aquaman swam around them, slowing them down. Aqualad returned his king's buckle, but indicated they needed to talk.[24]

Mount Justice
February 17, pos-14:36, EST Time Zone

Back at the Cave, Aqualad reiterated his need for truth. Aquaman held it off at first, but finally conceded. He only revealed that Calvin Durham wasn't his true father, which was enough for Kaldur to conclude that Black Manta was his father. He ran away angry, while Aquaman tried to reason with him.[24]

Aquaman did not witness the betrayal of his protégé, and only learned from Nightwing that Aqualad joined his father, Black Manta. He could not bring himself to believe it, and blamed himself for withholding the information of his true parentage.[11] He did not know Aqualad was under deep cover within Black Manta's organization.[25]


New Orleans
January 4, post-21:59 CST

 Aquaman joined the members of the League and the Team in neutralizing Krolotean bases around the world.  After Gamma Squad saved the hostages from the Kroloteans' main base, Aquaman arrived on the scene with the rest of the Justice League members and the Team.[26]

South Pacific
January 6, 20:32 HAST

After the League learned of the location of the last Krolotean stronghold, they set up a plan of attack. Aquaman and Lagoon Boy were assigned to Beta Squad. They infiltrated Malina Island from the sea, prying open an underwater door and spying in the docks with a periscope. Kaldur'ahm discovered them, and shot his helmet plasma beams at them, but they evaded them. They leaped out of the water to stop the Manta troopers that had started to fire on them.

Aquaman quickly sought out his main foe, but Kaldur'ahm shot him in the shoulder. While he recovered, Lagoon Boy took down Krolotean Mechs. Aquaman recovered, but found himself surrounded by Mechs. Delta Squad destroyed them for him.

Lagoon Boy, in his inflated form, stormed at Kaldur'ahm, giving Aquaman the opportunity to attack him from the flank. Manta's helmet was thrown clear, and Aquaman was shocked to see his former protégé under the mask. Orin and Nightwing tried to reason with Aqualad, but Lagoon Boy saw only enmity and Kaldur'ahm rejected reconciliation.  Kaldur escaped, but did notify them of a bomb that was set to go off. Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl swooped in to carry the two Atlanteans back to the Bio-Ship. They managed to outrun the blast.

After the explosion, Aquaman hauled the injured Superman from the water. While the rest discussed what had happened, he could only stare out of the window, lost in thought.[11]

Cape Canaveral
March 19, post-21:22 EDT

After the capture of Lagoon Boy by Kaldur'ahm,[25] Aquaman mobilized all Atlantean troops to search the seven seas and find them.[27]

The Watchtower
March 31, 06:40 EDT

Captain Atom and Nightwing were discussing the threat of the Reach, and thought it best to make their presence known to the public. Aquaman revealed to them the Reach had already gone public themselves.[28]

The Watchtower
May 23, 21:21 EDT

Aquaman was present for a briefing from Captain Atom on an object approaching Earth. As it passed Rhea, it became clear the object was massive, far dwarfing the moon.[29]

The Watchtower
May 26, 06:59 EDT

Aquaman and Nightwing stood by as Captain Atom hailed the Warworld to negotiate. After the Warworld's assault began and Atom left to join the defense, Nightwing confirmed to Aquaman that the Team had boarded the alien vessel undetected.[29]

The Watchtower
May 26, post-07:35 EDT

After Mongul unleashed a saturation missile attack, Aquaman relayed the Watchtower's projections on the effectiveness of Earth's military' defenses.[29]

The Warworld
May 30, 10:36 UTC

Aquaman, along with Flash and the Atom, guarded the Warworld's crystal key chamber.[30]

The Watchtower
June 19, 05:24 EDT

Aquaman congratulated Aqualad when Nightwing returned command of the Team back to him. He knelt down by Black Canary when she dropped out of a boom tube with Black Lightning and Captain Marvel. Aquaman looked out as the Warworld was being activated and headed into space.[31]

June 20, 08:16 EDT

When magnetic field disruptors planted by the Reach threatened the Earth, Aquaman joined 39 other heroes of Earth in a briefing in Metropolis. The heroes would use a computer virus provided by Lex Luthor to safely disable the disruptors. The heroes were paired off with another into twenty squads: one member would run interference against weapons guarding the disruptors, allowing the other to get close enough to plant the virus.[32]

Aquaman was assigned to Eta Squad, and worked alongside Tempest.[33] Within thirty minutes, all squads had succeeded in their mission.[32]

The Watchtower
July 4, 21:16 EDT

When the Team was summoned to the mission room for a face-to-face meeting with members of the League, Aquaman was among the leaguers present. Batman informed them that they would now operate side by side with the Justice League from the Watchtower. Not because Mount Justice was destroyed, but because they earned the right to do so. The League then left the Team to its own devices.[32]


Aquaman retired from his heroic duties to focus on his royal responsibilities as King of Atlantis. He passed on the mantle to his former protégé, Aqualad who also took his place as a member of the Justice League.


January 2, 2019, 11:19 UTC-2

Powers and abilities

  • Atlantean attributes: Atlanteans, although Human, have through scientific and sorcerous means[34] developed several abilities which allow them to live comfortably under the sea:
  • Underwater breathing: All Atlanteans are capable of surviving the aquatic atmosphere under the sea. Some accomplish this without the presence of visible gills.[5][34]
  • Temperature resilience: Resistant to low temperatures[18] and the effects of freezing,[4] although notably hindered by high temperatures.[35]
  • Durability: Dense flesh, although not invulnerable.[36][34][28]
  • Strength: Ranging from undetected levels to super strength.[4][34][17]
  • Superhuman strength: He is far stronger than most other Atlanteans.[37]
  • Telepathy: Aquaman possesses a form of telepathy that affects marine mammals.[38]
  • Multilingualism: He can speak both English and Atlantean.[5]



Main article: Mera

Orin with his wife, Mera.

Aquaman is married to Mera, making her Queen of Atlantis. They seem to be an extremely loving couple, who share a bond of mutual respect for the other and their duties. While Aquaman works as a hero on the surface world, Mera runs the Conservatory of Sorcery in Atlantis, and is one of their head instructors. During the year 2010, the two were expecting their first child.[5]


Main article: Aqualad

Aqualad was Aquaman's protégé. Although they worked together, Aqualad respected Aquaman as his King and as his mentor. However, Aqualad was not afraid to speak his mind when he felt strongly,[13] and in return Aquaman respected Aqualad's right to free expression.[6] However, Aqualad broke off his ties when he went under cover.[25] Aquaman did not know, and thought he himself was partly to blame, because he knew, but chose not to tell his protégé of, the identity of his biological father.[11]

Following the revelation of Aqualad's successful undercover mission, Aquaman warmly welcomed his protégé back, and congratulated him when Nightwing returned leadership of the Team to him.[31]

Prince Orm

Main article: Orm

Prince Orm is Aquaman's brother. It appears they get along well;[5] Aquaman does not seem to know about his brother's double life as his nemesis Ocean-Master.[34]


Background information

Aquaman sporting longer hair in early promotional footage.

  • This is Aquaman's seventh animated appearance. He first appeared in his solo series in the 60s, Aquaman. Later, he became a founding member of the Super Friends. He also appeared in the DCAU (Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited), Justice League: The New Frontier, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
  • Early promotional images for Young Justice showed Aquaman with longer hair rather than the shortly cropped style he currently sports.[39]


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