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Aquaman (real name King Orin[1]) is the mentor of Aqualad, the King of Atlantis, and a founding member of the Justice League.


Aquaman can be described as bold and calm headed. As King of the Earth's oceans, he behaves in a very regal and formal manner, especially in his own home.[1] However, he seems to have his soft spots, and he allows disagreement with his command to some degree, if it carries wisdom.[5]

Aquaman seems to respect the abilities of his protégé Aqualad, and even the abilities of his teammates. However, he can at times behave patronizing towards them, though not in an intentionally rude manner. Like many of his Justice League colleagues, Aquaman takes the view that the younger generation is not ready to join the League just yet.[4] After the Team defeated Blockbuster, he changed his mind.[5]

Physical appearance

Aquaman resembles a bearded Caucasian male, with short blond hair, a beard, aqua blue eyes and a strong build. As Aquaman, he wears an orange scale-mail tunic and dark green leggings. At his waist is a gold belt that is clasped with a stylized letter "A", which has a built-in communicator. He also wears golden gauntlets on his wrists, and dark green greaves.[1]


Early life

File:Ocean Master painting.jpg

Aquaman co-founded the Justice League as its 6th member.[4] During a battle against Ocean Master, Aquaman was aided by two students named Garth and Kaldur'ahm. He was so impressed he offered them to become his protégé. Garth turned down the offer but Kaldur'ahm accepted and became Aqualad.[1]


Pearl Harbor
July 4, 6:02, HST Time Zone

Aquaman and Aqualad defeated Killer Frost at Pearl Harbor. Aquaman pressed Aqualad about being excited for his upcoming induction into the Justice League.[4]

Washington, D.C.
July 4, 14:00, EDT Time Zone

They travelled together to the Hall of Justice in Washington, D.C.. After Speedy stormed out, Aquaman insisted that the three remaining sidekicks would eventually be allowed to accompany the League on missions when they would be ready. He then joined the League in fighting the sorceror Wotan.[4]

Washington, D.C.
July 5, 00:39:16, EDT Time Zone

Aquaman was present with the rest of the League following the destruction of Cadmus' ground-level facility. He tried to make Aqualad and the other sidekicks stand down, but was rebuffed.[6]

Atlantic Ocean
July 5, 12:41:16, UTC-03 Time Zone

On their way to Atlantis, Aquaman told Aqualad that he did not hold his apprentice's disobedience against him, and was interested in the idea of a team.[5]

Mount Justice
July 8, 08:04, EDT Time Zone

Aquaman accompanied his apprentice to the former Secret Sanctuary, which Batman re-commissioned as the headquarters for the newly formed covert ops team.[6]

August 21, 16:07, EDT Time Zone

Aquaman attended the funeral of Kent Nelson at the Tower of Fate.[7]

August 27, 13:00, UTC-2 Time Zone

Aquaman welcomed his apprentice back to Atlantis after an absence of two months, and invited him over to dinner. At the banquet, Orin revealed that Mera was expecting a child. He was not able to finish the banquet, as Superman alerted him to an emergency in Tokyo.[1]

September 3, 21:08, UTC-2 Time Zone

During the king's absence, Black Manta attacked the city. Aquaman thanked his friends and family for guarding the city best they could, and protecting the queen.[1]

Mount Justice
September 22, EDT Time Zone

Aquaman came to the Cave with the rest of the League when communications broke down. After the attack of Red Tornado, Red Torpedo and Red Inferno, he tended to his protégé.[8]

October 2, 01:55, CEST Time Zone

Aquaman and Martian Manhunter fought the Injustice League's plant creature in Paris. They later received help from Icon and Rocket.[9]

Mount Justice
October 16, post 16:01, EDT Time Zone

As part of a simulated training scenario of the Team, Aquaman was "killed" by alien invaders.[10]

Ice Fortress-1
November 11, post 16:05, EST Time Zone

Powers and abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: As an Atlantean, Aquaman possesses above average superhuman strength. He is also far stronger than most other Atlanteans.[11]
  • Enhanced Durability: Most likely due to his Atlantean blood, he is able to withstand high water pressure.[1]
  • Superspeed Swimming: Aquaman's strength give him above average swimming speeds.
  • Underwater Breathing: Aquaman has the ability to breathe in water.[1]
  • Telepathy: Aquaman possesses some form of marine telepathy.[11]
  • Multilingualism: He can speak both English and Atlantean.[1]


Queen Mera

File:King Orin and Queen Mera.jpg

Aquaman is married to Mera, making her Queen of Atlantis and of the oceans of the Earth. They seem to be an extremely loving couple, who share a bond of mutual respect for the other and their duties. While Aquaman works as a hero on the surface world, Mera runs the Conservatory of Sorcery in Atlantis, and is one of their head instructors. The two are currently expecting their first child.[1]


Aqualad is Aquaman's protégé. Although they work together, Aqualad respects Aquaman as his King and as his mentor. However, Aqualad is not afraid to speak his mind when he feels strongly,[6] and in return Aquaman respects Aqualad's right to free expression.[5] Aquaman considers his young protégé as a friend, holding personal conversations with him without regular formality, and also trusts him to the extent of looking after his pregnant wife.[1]

Prince Orm

Prince Orm is Aquaman's brother. It appears they get along well.[1]


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