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Orion, Dog of War, is a New God from New Genesis.



New Genesis
August 26, 20:16 UTC

Orion contacted the Javelin to welcome them to New Genesis, and directed them to follow Lightray to the landing site.[2]

August 26, 20:20 UTC

After setting down in Supertown, Lightray, Highfather, Highmother and Orion introduced themselves to Rocket, Flash and Forager. The Leaguers were then taken to their quarters to await the arrival of the Green Lantern's representatives the next day. En route, Motherbox brought Rocket's belt to his attention. He wanted to confiscate the unfamiliar tech, but Highmother overrode him. Orion was then alerted to a theft in the secure warehouse. Rocket volunteered to join Orion, who reluctantly agreed. They boom tubed to the warehouse just in time to see the thief, a Bug, roll off of Supertown. They raced after her, but she landed in a lake. Unable to scan for her, Rocket took them into the water in a force-bubble, but Orion reacted poorly to the confinement and demanded to be set free, then needed to calm himself with Motherbox's help.

The Leaguers and the New Gods looked at security footage of the thief, who had taken a Ruction Cell, a dangerous piece of obsolete tech. Though Lightray was dubious of Forager's presence, Orion thought a Bug might be useful to catch another Bug. Forager determined she was a female of the Mountain Hive.[2]

Mountain Hive
August 26, 21:58 UTC

Orion, Rocket, Flash, Forager and Lightray went to the hive. Flash and Lightray wanted to search the Hive, but Orion insisted on following his father's rule not to enter Bug hives without permission. The Bugs initially pretended to know nothing about the Cell, but Forager was able to convince the thief of the danger. However, two of the hive's larvae had run off with Cell. They were eventually able to find them, as they were discharging the Cell with bolts of explosive energy. Rocket and Orion were first on the scene, when the device began to malfunction. Orion was hit by a bolt, knocking away his helmet and Motherbox, and he became enraged, attacking the larvae. Rocket put a force-bubble around the Cell, and then had to put one around the out-of-control Orion as he charged at her. Lightray pleaded with Rocket to release Orion, as he was claustrophobic, when the Cell let out a huge burst of energy, breaking the force-bubble and knocking everyone back, causing Rocket to release Orion. Lightray and Motherbox were able to calm Orion, and the cell became dormant after the burst.

Back at Supertown, Orion spoke with Highmother about his loss of control. She assured him he would never be his biological father.[2]

August 27, post-11:50 UTC

Orion officially welcomed Flash and Rocket to the summit. Vykin arrived as New Genesis's other representative. Orion also welcomed Tomar-Re, representing the Green Lantern Corps, who explained that Kilowog would also be along shortly.

After Kilowog arrived, the talks began. Rocket asked what New Genesis planned to do about Apokolips's interference on Earth, and was disappointed they would do nothing. Vykin explained that the truce between Apokolips and New Genesis prevented them from taking overt action. Orion insisted they should all be afraid of that fight. Instead, they wanted a neutral party, the Green Lantern Corps to mediate, though Orion had doubts about the Lantern's resolve as they had released the Furies and Mantis after only six months. Orion also came to wonder why so many humans became Lanterns. Rocket was interrupted by a phone call, and left to take it.

Orion and the others heard explosions from outside and went to investigate. They found the female Forager badly injured amid the rubble of destroyed statues. Razer, who had inadvertently caused the damage while fighting Metron, realized his mistake, and ended up regaining his Blue power ring while retaining his Red one. He used the Blue ring to heal Forager, and then repaired the statues, before leaving. Orion was dissatisfied as the new statues included likenesses of the Foragers.

Later, Orion attended a small celebration for Flash's 102nd birthday.[3]

August 28, post-11:43 UTC

The conference resumed, and continued to go poorly. Orion complained that the League had not taken the New Gods' request to have Halo and Cyborg stay with them seriously. Rocket insisted they were better off with their family, and to her and Vykin's surprise, Orion relented. The meeting was then interrupted by Bear, who wished to see his old friends Rocket and Forager, express his condolences over Superboy's death, and discuss the rumors he had heard about Forager being romantically involved with another Forager. Orion became frustrated at what he viewed as irrelevant distractions, which angered Rocket who did not think he should be able to decide what mattered. They were interrupted once more by the arrival of Metron, who boom tubed in with a dire warning of galactic peril.[4]

Mobius Dimension
August 28, 17:07 UTC

Metron returned to the Vault with Orion, Rocket and Tomar-Re, but the intruders and the Projector were gone. Metron was able to trace the tear in space-time made by the intruder's escape. Metron refused pleas to explain the situation, citing lack of time.[5]

New Genesis
August 28, post-17:09 UTC

The group boom tubed to the location to find a damaged, abandoned Time-Sphere. Metron reasoned this meant Lor would try to use the Projector immediately, meaning they must quickly defend potential power sources. Metron continued to explain himself in only cryptic terms.[5]

August 28, 17:19 UTC

The group returned to Supertown to gather help.[5]

August 29, 00:02 UTC

Metron called a meeting with Orion, Rocket, Flash, the Foragers, Kilowog, Tomar-Re and the Forever People. After he (finally) finished explaining the threat posed by Lor-Zod and the Phantom Zone Projector, he explained that Highfather had the Divine Guard protecting power sources on Supertown, while they would have to split up and defend the two potential sources on New Genesis's surface. Orion went with Rocket, Flash, Tomar-Re and the Foragers.[5]

Boiling Lake Crater
August 29, 00:14 UTC

They arrived and quickly found they were at the right location. With Motherbox not working due to the Source energy from the lake, Rocket worried about Orion keeping control, but he assured her he could handle the challenge. They were spotted and Ma'alefa'ak brain blasted them, knocking them from the sky. Tomar-Re caught everyone with a construct, and they renewed their approach. Ma'alefa'ak engaged Rocket and Orion in a psychic battle. He had them relive the Ruction Cell fight, where Orion lost control and Rocket locked him in a force bubble, but this time "Lightray" tried to convince Rocket to keep Orion trapped. Rocket ultimately chose to free Orion, realizing that his attempts to fight his darkness made him great. This caused Orion to snap out of Ma'alefa'ak's trance and blast the Martian with his flying harness.

Rocket and Orion then attacked Lor-Zod, with Rocket trapping the other two in a force bubble, where Orion pummelled Lor. Lor broke free of the bubble after witnessing the destruction of the Projector and launched himself at the camouflaged Bio-Ship responsible, which then sped away. With the battle over, Rocket checked on Orion, who noted Tomar-Re's absence. They found the Green Lantern dead.[5]

August 30, 21:00 UTC

As the Justice League contingent prepared to leave, Rocket said goodbye to Orion, telling him she was glad she met him. He reciprocated the feeling, and thanked her for "seeing him".[5]

The Watchtower
September 13, post-17:38 EDT

Orion came with a Motherbox at the Justice League's request, per the new treaty. They were to take part in an attempt to rescue Superboy from the Phantom Zone. To prevent any escaping Kryptonians from gaining superpowers, Orion had a plan to open the boom tube on Trombus, under a red sun. Orion requested Rocket join the mission, but she was out of contact.[1]

September 13, 23:45 UTC

The group boom tubed to Trombus, and the Kaizer-Thrall and Motherbox opened a boom tube to the Zone. M'gann reached out to Conner psychically, but he refused to come out. She went to lead the group into the Zone to get him, but Ma'alefa'ak took control of the Kaizer-Thrall and used it to subdue Orion and the others. He was helpless as Conner and three other Kryptonians exited the boom tube, and Conner collapsed due to his injuries.[1]

September 14, 00:01 UTC

Orion and the others remained pinned as Lor-Zod introduced himself to his parents. Forager was able to overcome the Thrall and make a brief attack, before being taken down by Ma'alefa'ak. The Zods retreated via boom tube, taking Conner and the Thrall with them.

Orion and the others eventually recovered. Orion noted they no loner had Motherbox to boom tube them away, but Kid Flash brought over Bio-Ship, solving the problem. The group headed for Earth, the most likely place the Zods had gone.[6]

September 14, 01:19 UTC

Powered by both the Cosmic Treadmill and Forager's ring, the Bio-Ship flew at incredible speed.[6]

September 14, 04:08 UTC

The Bio-Ship arrived, and the group quickly detected boom tube activity at the Fortress of Solitude. Ursa Zod, now empowered by the Eye of Ekron, detected them and blasted them out of the sky as they approached. Saturn Girl was able to get off a warning, which allowed Superman and Orion to take the brunt of the blast. Bio-Ship crashed to the ground, and M'gann and Saturn Girl created a psychic illusion to make it appear everyone but Superman had died. Orion was among those who were really knocked unconscious. The Zods eventually left with Superman as their captive.[6][7]

North Pole
September 14, 09:41 UTC

Orion and the other wounded were tended by J'emm J'axx.[7]

Happy Harbor
September 16, post-16:16 EDT

A recovered Orion attended Conner and M'gann's wedding. Before the ceremony, he agreed a plan to release the Phantom Zone prisoners on Trombus under the watch of the Justice League, New Genesis and the Green Lantern Corps. Later, he asked Raquel how she had survived the collapsing boom tube.[7]


Orion holds up Motherbox while in his flight harness.

  • Motherbox[2]
  • Flight harness: Orion is able to deploy a harness from his belt that enables him to fly,[2] and can emit energy blasts.[5]


  • Claustrophobia: Orion is very uncomfortable in confined spaces.[2]
  • Uncontrollable rage: Under certain stimuli, Orion can lose control of himself. When this happens, lines appear on his face and his eyes glow red. He considers this an inheritance from his biological father.[2]


Background information

  • Orion is a central part of the Fourth World Saga. As Darkseid's son, traded by Darkseid to Highfather in exchange for a truce between New Genesis and Apokolips. In his youth he was trained by Highfather to control his rage, at times needing a Motherbox to control himself, and became good friends with Lightray.
  • This is his third animated appearance. He first appeared in the DC Animated Universe (in Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League) and in the animated movie Justice League: Gods and Monsters.


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