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Orphan is a young hero and was a member of Batman's team.

History Edit

2018 Edit

Gotham City
September 12, 21:39 EDT

Robin and his squad were doing a routine check on Mad Hatter, who was recently released from Arkham Asylum. After Robin discovered the crook left clay behind, Orphan rushed ahead and cut Mad Hatter in two with her sword - revealing him to be Clayface. They followed him to a warehouse, where the real Mad Hatter oversaw Blackwater metahuman smuggling ring. The squad fought the mind-controlled Clayface, but Mad Hatter blew up the warehouse as he escaped. Orphan and the others made it out safely.[2]

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Background information Edit

  • In the comics, Orphan is a name used by Cassandra Cain, the third Batgirl, in the New 52. Her costume is based on her time as Batgirl.
  • This is her first animated appearance.

References Edit

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