Otis is the commander of Lex Luthor's security force.

Personality Edit

As the head of Lex Luthor's security detail, Otis's top priority is his boss's safety. He is ready to take action at any time and will diligently execute all of Luthor's commands.[2]

Physical appearance Edit

Otis is a middle-aged Caucasian male with an average build and height. He is fashioned in the standard LexCorp security uniform. However, as security commander, he does not wear the typical tactical headgear. Instead, Otis sports a pair of dark sunglasses and a black cap with the company's name embroidered on the front panel.

History Edit

2015 Edit

December 1, 10:45 EST

When Metropolis was encased in a force field bubble, Otis was informed about something on the walkie and requested his boss's attention.[3]

December 1, post-14:01 EST

Otis told Luthor that the force field surrounding Metropolis had freed Match, and that all attempts to contain him had failed.[4]

2016 Edit

March 21, 19:11 EDT

After Luthor's office exploded by a rocket launcher, Otis called Luthor to know if he was alright. He was ordered to kill the culprit. Otis went along with the security at the rooftop on the other side, but discovered that the perpetrator already left. When Speedy threatened Luthor with a detonation cord, Otis arrived with the other security officers and took aim at Speedy. Otis asked for permission from Luthor, to take him out, the latter told him to hold his position.[2]

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

  • Otis shares his name with Luthor's assistant from Richard Donner's Superman and Superman II, played by Ned Beatty. His speach mannerisms are also similar to Ned Beatty's Otis.

References Edit

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