A street in Paris.

Paris is both the capital and largest city in France.

History Edit

2010 Edit

October 2, 01:55 CEST

Paris was attacked as per the plans of the Injustice League. Aquaman and Martian Manhunter went there to fight the giant plants and were aided by Rocket and Icon.[1]

November 5, 04:09 CEST

With all adults gone, children in Paris were tuned to the speech made by members of the Team to comfort them.[2]

2016 Edit

June 20, 12:20 CEST

After a Magnetic Field Disruptor activated at the Eiffel Tower, six twisters appeared in the sky over the city.[3]

June 20, 14:34 CEST

Kid Flash and Artemis worked to stop the Disruptor and the Beetle-tech Drones that guarded it. Before they finished, Wally expressed the idea to once return to the city of lights.[3]

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