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The last Phantom Zone Projector.

A Phantom Zone Projector is a Kryptonian device used to send prisoners to the Phantom Zone and retrieve them once their sentences are up.[1]


The Projector requires a substantial amount of power to operate, but is able to take charge from a number of sources. Once it reaches a minimum power threshold, the Projector's AI activates and optimizes the power absorption.

Once at minimum power levels, the Projector is able to levitate and move itself, and has a voice interface.

The Projector retrieves only specified individuals and is programmed to recognize subjects based on their DNA signature. It can only retrieve one subject at a time.[2] When a retrieval portal is opened, it scans for the specified individual in the Phantom Zone and pulls them out with a tractor beam. The portal is impervious to any known subject not specified for retrieval, and is able to repel anyone not set for extraction if they cling onto the retrieved subject. The Projector will not reject an unknown subject, however.[3]


20th century

On Krypton, Phantom Zone Projectors were used to send prisoners to the Phantom Zone, including General Dru-Zod and his followers. When Krypton was destroyed, so were most of the Projectors, trapping the remaining prisoners in the Zone.[1]

31st century (original timeline)

The last Projector was found on New Genesis. The United Planets used it to release and parole all the prisoners in the Phantom Zone. When Dru-Zod attempted to overthrow the United Planets 15 years later, the Legion of Super-Heroes used the Projector to send him and his followers back to the Zone. Lor-Zod was relentless in his attempts to get the Projector to release his parents, forcing the Legion to destroy it.[1]

2020 (revised timeline)

Metron had the last Projector in his Inter-Dimensional Vault.[1] Lor-Zod led Ma'alefa'ak and Mantis in search of the device and, after infiltrating the Vault, torturing Metron, and escaping back a day into the past once Metron was freed, Mantis found the device.[4] It was out of power, so they took it to Boiling Lake Crater to charge from the lake's natural Source energy. Once charged, Lor set the device to retrieve his father. The device rejected Non and Ursa Zod from reaching the retrieval portal, but allowed Superboy to accompany Dru-Zod, until it was destroyed by the Bio-Ship, closing the retrieval portal before anyone got out.[3]

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