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The Circle's bright lights and busy streets.

Planet Circle is a large roundabout at the base of the Daily Planet building in Metropolis.[1] It is surrounded by large buildings with many billboards, electronic signs, and television displays showing live video of vehicle and pedestrian traffic on the circle.[2]


Early history

At some point, Lois Lane interviewed Superman at Planet Circle. It became a front-page story in the Daily Planet.[2]


Planet Circle
September 14, post-00:16 EDT

Dru-Zod's group boom tubed to Planet Circle. After engaging in some wanton destruction, including of the globe at the Circle's center, Dru addressed the world, claiming it as his. As proof of his dominance, he prepared to order Superboy to kill Superman.[2]

Planet Circle
September 14, 05:46 EDT

Zod finally ordered Superboy to execute Superman, but he refused. Several heroes arrived and a large battle ensued, causing significant damage to the area. Superboy's mind was restored by Miss Martian. Zod and his group were defeated, with most being sent back to the Phantom Zone, while the Emerald Empress and Lor-Zod escaped.[1]


The Circle is at the base of the Daily Planet building.[1] Other surrounding businesses include:


The Circle is host to a large number of billboards and signs. It is unclear how much is located on the Circle itself and what is just general advertising. On September 14, 2020 there were billboards for:[2][1]

There is a statue of the Daily Planet's iconic globe logo at the roundabout's center.[2]


Background information

  • Planet Circle is a pastiche of Times Square in New York City, with the Daily Planet substituting for the New York Times.


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