Plasma (d. July 16, 2018) was a Markovian girl turned into an agent of Apokolips.

Physical appearance

Ana von Furth is a young Markovian girl with brown hair and green eyes.

As Plasma, she is mostly half-transparent with a reddish hue and black streaks. Her arms stretch below her knees, and her heart is visible through her body.[1]



July 4, 22:16 EEST

Ana was to undergo a donor surgery at Markovburg Children's Hospital, but Dr. Ecks falsified records to show she died. She was taken to the Bedlam Syndicate's underground lab, where her Meta-Gene was activated in the Tar protocol. The process turned her into an unrecognizable, translucent monster that burned anything she touched.[1]

July 16, 00:16 UTC

Enslaved by a control chip, Plasma was sent into battle on Apokolips's front lines. She had so little agency she went in without any plan, charging at Ice. Black Lightning intervened, but as he didn't know what she really was, he blasted her with a lightning dose for an adult. As a result, Ana's heart gave out.[1]

Powers and abilities

  • Incendiary touch: Plasma burned anything she touched, including vegetation and flesh.[1]



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