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"Players, Chapter Six: Rolling Doubles" is the 26th and final issue of the official Young Justice spin-off comic series and the sixth and final chapter of a six part story. It was released on February 20, 2013.


Tagline: The Final Invasion!


Gotham City
December 1, 21:13 EST
Team Year Zero

Dick and his birthday guests play a game of spin the bottle, and when the bottle stops, it points straight at him. Egged on by remarks from the others, he gets up, and extends his hand to the girl who had spun it.

The Collector's Ship
December 1, 18:32 EST
Team Year Five

The Collector of Worlds electrocutes Alpha Squad.

Kylstar's Vessel
December 1, 23:32 UTC
Team Year Five

Kylstar watches on as his orbs keep the heroes in check. All of a sudden, the orbs crash into each other, and Miss Martian enters the hall. Orb-One prepares a message from Kylstar.

December 1, 18:33 EST
Team Year Five

Blue Beetle and Sphere both fire at the Collector. The alien is surprised to see New Genesis life-tech on this planet, and muses on the irony of Blue Beetle's presence. But it will not affect his plans; he will continue preserving a portion of the planet.

Bumblebee contacts Batgirl, informing her she's figured out a way to shut the field down. Batgirl, who is being helped up by Black Lightning and Jim Harper, orders her to proceed. She then asks if anyone's seen Match, but he is long gone.

Kylstar's Vessel
December 1, 23:34 UTC
Team Year Five

Orb-One translates Kylstar's message. The first leader is impressed with the heroes.

Kylstar's Vessel
December 1, 23:58 UTC
Team Year Five

All captives have been released, and Orb-One explains Kylstar's motives. After his world was destroyed, his people were captured. He abducted sentient weapons from across the universe to stop the slavers. Miss Martian doubts it, but one alien telepathically corroborates the story. However, Kylstar explains he is not affiliated with the Collector of Worlds, and to show his good intentions, offers to return those who want to their own planet. To those who want to help him fight, he offers good treatment and glorious battle. Major Force, Black Adam, Blockbuster and Draaga agree. Captain Atom objects to Major Force's cooperation, but cannot convince him not to go.

The rest are teleported away. Kylstar explains to those loyal to him that the slavers are too powerful, and they have to conquer the galaxy first. Major Force voices his approval of this plan.

The Collector's Ship
December 1, 19:01 EST
Team Year Five

Alpha Squad attacks the Collector, but the alien puts up a forcefield. Just then, those who were on Kylstar's vessel are teleported in, as well as the Flash, Atom and Martian Manhunter, and Nightwing quickly fills them in on the situation. Lagoon Boy wastes no time, and blasts the robot to pieces with Bio-Ship's cannon.

Superboy picks up the intact head of the robot and inquires about him. But the Collector is not finished; he notices Superboy's partial Kryptonian heritage, and shoots him in the face with a green beam.

December 1, 21:18 UTC+2
Team Year Zero

Sumaan Harjavti pushes his brother aside, blocking Deadshot's bullet, which entered his shoulder.

On the rooftop, Deadshot seeks to escape, but a shield-enraged Superboy confronts him. He lunges at him and throws a barrage of punches at the hitman, and Superman can only barely restrain him. Miss Martian watches her boyfriend's behavior, shocked.

December 1, 19:03 EST
Team Year Five

The Collector remarks Superboy's Kryptonian DNA is corrupted, but Superman steps in and blasts the head with his heat vision. The earthlings regroup, but dozens more coludroids of the Collector appear. He ponders how one Kryptonian could have survived, but cuts himself off when he notices something wrong with the probe embedded under Metropolis.

The Collector warns the heroes that if the force field is shut down while the shrinking beam is still active, the planet will be destroyed. Nightwing advises him to shut it off, and he agrees. He is a collector of worlds, not a destroyer.

Back under Metropolis, Bumblebee and Beast Boy have finally deactivated the probe, and the force field recedes. Plastic Man meets up with the heroes on the other side of the ditch. They're okay, but are, like everything that was inside the bubble, twenty percent smaller.

Nightwing and Captain Atom have convinced the Collector he should not preserve Metropolis. The Collector begrudgingly agrees, noting the survival of one Kryptonian could mean the need to collect is not absolute.

December 1, 21:21 UTC+2
Team Year Zero

Miss Martian explains Superboy had been getting better, and learned to keep his anger in check, and this behavior was new. Superman carries Deadshot off to a hospital. Miss Martian is just glad Queen Bee did not get her revenge on Harjavti.

January 16, 16:16 UTC+2
Team Year One

In a pickup truck, Queen Bee explains to an enthralled Marie Logan that Rumaan Harjavti was never the target, his brother was. Now, he was a hero to his people, and in her thrall. He was not her revenge; Marie is. She convinces Marie that Garfield is waiting for her in the valley below. After exiting, Queen Bee tells her the straight route is the fastest way down. And it is. Marie plummets down a cliff.

December 1, 18:03 EST
Team Year Five

At Bibbo's Diner, Queen Bee has enthralled Noor Harjavti's bodyguard, while the henchmen keep Noor and Bibbo in check. Noor defies her captor, stating her death will not go unpunished. But Queen Bee has no plans to kill either of them; instead, she shows them two Kroloteans boarding lifelike robot suits of Noor and Bibbo.

December 1, 22:03 EST
Team Year Five

Beast Boy and Bumblebee check up on Noor. What appears to be Noor and Bibbo wave at them.

The Collector's ship leaves. Captain Atom is glad it's over, but Nightwing has some questions about the dual invasion. Alien invasions have been intermittent and spaced far apart, but they had just encountered two aliens in quick order. He wonders if Earth has a flag on it, waving at aliens to come there. Superman regrets not asking the Collector if he collected anything from Krypton. Lagoon Boy wonders what happened to the villains that were with them.

Mere feet away, Tuppence Terror asks if they really can't be seen or heard. Grodd explains that with his powers, he can do that, but he tells Tuppence, Tommy and Devastation they owe him now.

Wonder Girl catches up with Blue Beetle, and asks him if he's changed his mind about joining. He's in, though his Scarab disagrees.

Gotham City
December 1, 21:16 EST
Team Year Zero

Dick and Barbara, the person who spun the bottle, are alone in the closet. Dick tells her they don't have to do anything, but Barbara kisses him.

December 2, 00:16 EST
Team Year Five

Dick heads home to his place, and finds Barbara on the steps that lead to his door. She kisses him, prompting Dick to ask her why they're not a couple, even though they like each other. Barbara replies that it's his reputation as, Wally called it, "a dog". He wouldn't be ready for her. She showed up and kissed him because it was his birthday, and asks if he wants to spend a little time together.

Never The End...


Under the rules of Monopoly, a player rolls two dice in order to move. If the dice have the same numbers, then the player has rolled doubles, and may take another turn and roll again. If he rolls doubles the third consecutive time, he does not move, and goes directly to jail. A player who is in jail can opt to pay the jail fee, or roll the dice. If he rolls a double, he gets out of jail free. If he fails to roll a double in this third turn, he is forced to pay the jail fee.

The title may also refer to Dick Grayson's birthday game, with the rolling bottle creating a double—Dick and Barbara entered a closet together for a few minutes, and end up engaging in premarital shenanigans with each other. It may also refer to the Kroloteans' double replacement of Noor Harjavti and Bibbo Bibbowski.  

Finally, Queen Bee mentioned revenge and strategy twice: her murder of Marie Logan was a revenge move, while her abduction of Noor Harjavti was a strategic move.


Batgirl/Barbara Gordon
Beast Boy
Bibbo Bibbowski
Black Adam
Black Lightning
Blue Beetle
Captain Atom
Captain Marvel
Collector of Worlds
Gorilla Grodd
Lagoon Boy
Major Force  
Marie Logan
Martian Manhunter
Miss Martian
Nightwing/Dick Grayson
Noor Harjavti
Plastic Man
Queen Bee
Rumaan Harjavti
Sumaan Harjavti  
Tommy Terror
Tuppence Terror
Wonder Girl
Non-speaking roles
Bibbo Bibbowski (robot suit)
Jim Harper
Two Kroloteans
Noor Harjavti (robot suit)  
Stephanie Brown (picture)
Wonder Woman
1 Character debut
4 Speaking debut




  • Number 16:
    • Marie Logan dies on January 16, at 16:16 UTC+2. The scene is depicted on page 16.
    • Dick and Barbara kiss at 21:16 EST.
    • Dick encounters Barbara at 00:16 EST.
  • Flash says that the Collector of Worlds called himself the "Brainiac of Izod". While "Brainiac" was his name in the mainstream comics, he hasn't used it in this continuity. Aside from being a subtle reference to the comics, this can actually be explained in-universe, as the Flash is mixing up two of the sobriquets that the Collector cited in "Players, Chapter Four: Do Not Pass Go": "The Brain of Colu" and "The Maniac of Yod".
  • The phrase Draaga utters, evidently to indicate his assent to Kylstar's offer, is "Vlash suh frag". This is Interlac, and was translated in "Happy New Year" as "Shut up or die".[1] Although it appears to make no contextual sense at first glance, that was one of many translations and was done intentionally.[2]
  • Queen Bee strokes Marie Logan and Ali's hair while enthralling them. In Gargoyles, this was the equivalent to kissing among gargoyles.[3] Gargoyles was created by Greg Weisman, who co-produced Young Justice and wrote this issue.

    The original panel with Queen Bee and Marie Logan going for a kiss, rejected by DC Comics.

    • At the Young Justice Panel at Gallifrey One 2014, Christopher Jones and Greg Weisman explained why this happened. Originally, this scene depicted Queen Bee and Marie going for a "non-sexual kiss", and the following scene showed Queen Bee actually kissing Ali. However, DC Comics rejected the former art, so Greg Weisman decided to change both scenes, showing Queen Bee stroking the hair of both characters instead.

YJ Comics On DCU (motion comic 7)

The motion comic featuring the death of Marie Logan with Marina Sirtis and Danica McKellar reading their lines as Queen Bee and Marie Logan, respectively.

Cultural references

  • The game played in Dick's birthday party is called "spin the bottle".  It is a party game that involves some form of physical intimacy between the person who spun the bottle, and the person the bottle points to after it stops spinning.  



Unanswered questions


  • Orb-One: Translation: Slavers are too powerful to attack with limited weapons—thus Kylstar will prepare by conquering the galaxy first.
  • Major Force: My kind of guy.
  • Queen Bee: That's not revenge. Just good strategy. No, my dear. You're my revenge.
  • Noor Harjavti: You'll never get away with this, witch! Even if you take your revenge and kill us, freedom will catch up to you one day.
  • Bibbo Bibbowski: Yeah, what she said!
  • Blue Beetle: I said we're in, so we're in. It's not up for discussion. No, it isn't. No. It isn't. No!


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