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Beginning with the show's third season, Young Justice began to feature post-credits scenes at the end of some episodes.

List of post-credits scenes

Seasons one and two

There were no post-credits scenes during the first two seasons of Young Justice.

Season three

Episode Scene
"Unknown Factors" At her home, Gretchen Goode contacts Darkseid, informing him that she has found the Anti-Life Equation.
"Nevermore" Continues directly from the end credits scene of Lobo's severed little finger, now a miniature form of him, on the grounds of Owings Mills. It gets up and giggles but is promptly killed by Lobo, who casually tosses a cigarette on the bloody mess.

Season four

Episode Scene
"Kaerb Ym Traeh!" Mary Bromfield sits outside a phone booth, crying, as an ominous voice tempts her. The voice urges her to say "the word". Mary whispers "Shazam", and a bolt of lightning strikes.
"Death and Rebirth" On Apokolips, Grayven introduces Darkseid to Black Mary and Supergirl, the next generation of Furies, set to take the fight to the heroes who "betrayed" them. Darkseid smiles.

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