Project Blockbuster

Canisters containing the Blockbuster formula.

Project Blockbuster was a project run by Cadmus, designed to increase the power of ordinary people. The result, developed through a combination of genetic research and strange blue ice crystals, was a blue serum.[1] When ingested, the serum vastly increases muscle mass of ordinary humans and creates a thick hide underneath the skin, causing the original skin and facial features to slough off.[2]


When Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash freed Superboy from Project Kr, they were cornered by genomorphs on sub-level one of the Cadmus facility. Dubbilex convinced the genomorphs to let them go, leading Mark Desmond to resort to drinking his own Blockbuster formula in order to "restore order" and recapture the heroes. Desmond transformed into the first Blockbuster creature and fought the heroes, only to be defeated when he brought the building down on top of himself.[2]

The Light later gave the Project Blockbuster formula to Kobra, who used it in conjunction with the drug Venom to create Kobra-Venom. The resulting mix is three times stronger than Venom and permanent. This produces an even more intense reaction, with muscle growth so rapid that it actually causes the hardened skin to split, as in the case of Mammoth. Sportsmaster revealed that it was going be used to battle against the Justice League.[3]


Known users


  1. Mammoth was injected with Kobra-Venom, a deadly combination of Bane's Venom neo-steroid, and the Project Blockbuster formula created by Cadmus.


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