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Project Rutabaga's flesh monster

Project Rutabaga's flesh monster made of meta-teens.

Project Rutabaga was a secret meta trafficking operation spearheaded by Klarion in Cuba that consisted of activating the Meta-Gene of abducted teenagers by using magic and then putting them under mystic control. Some of these metas who Klarion deemed useful were shipped off to the Orphanage,[1] while others who Klarion deemed unuseful were trapped together inside a flesh monster.[2]

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2018 Edit

It is unknown exactly when this project was initiated, but by September 8, 2018 it was already in motion. Moreover, it apparently was such a highly prioritized undertaking that Klarion could not part from it—even if only momentarily—to deal with an invading alien armada.[3]

Santiago de Cuba
December 21, 10:13 CST

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