Psycho-Pirate is a villain.

Physical appearance Edit

Psycho-Pirate is a Caucasian male of normal posture. While the Medusa Mask obscures his face, the rest of his head is covered by a red hood. He wears a long black overcoat, red pants and black boots and gloves.

History Edit

2010 Edit

Salt Flats
July 25, 13:21 MDT

Psycho-Pirate and Atomic Skull stole a canister of plutonium from a facility in Salt Flats, Colorado. Psycho-Pirate used his Medusa Mask to control the emotions of the facility's employees, and sent them to fight the Team. He also used the mask's powers directly on the Team, incapacitating them with fear. Only Kid Flash managed to shake off the effects of the mask due to his sped-up metabolism. He snatched the mask from the Psycho-Pirate, and his influence over others ceased. Psycho-Pirate was taken into custody, but Atomic Skull escaped.[1]

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

This marks Psycho-Pirate's third animated appearance. His role in Justice League Unlimited as a Legion of Doom member was minimal, and he had no lines. Armin Shimmerman voiced the character in one episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

References Edit

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