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"Rabbit Holes" is the eighth issue of the official Young Justice spin-off comic series. It was released on August 24, 2011.


When night descends on Gotham City, Artemis takes to the streets. Prowling the rooftops and the alleyways for the first time, this teen archer has a choice to make: Will she fight on the side of the angels or follow a darker path?

Tagline: Targeted by Artemis!


Gotham City
July 31, 17:29 EDT

While waiting at a bus stop, Artemis begins rethinking her life. Her whole life has been about waiting for things to change, but nothing actually has. The bus arrives and Artemis's mother gets out, just released from prison. She is surprised to see her daughter waiting for her, and notes the absence of Artemis's father.

Gotham City
July 31, 20:11 EDT

Artemis makes a "simple supper", and Paula immediately reverts to her role of mother. Oblivious to the fact that it's the summer holidays, she asks if Artemis has homework. Artemis goes to her room to work on her arrows when "daddy" arrives. Lawrence is not thrilled at the thought of seeing Paula, and the two bicker. Paula still regrets taking the fall—both going to jail and ending up in a wheelchair. But since Artemis's sister left during her time away, she is determined to make sure Artemis's life does not go to waste. She is determined to give up her old life, and urges Lawrence to do the same, or he can leave the house. He chooses the latter, and laughs off Paula's goals. Overhearing the conversation, Artemis becomes determined to not follow in her father's, or sister's footsteps. She dons her costume.

Gotham City
July 31, 22:46 EDT

Two and a half hours into her new life as a vigilante, Artemis stops the robbery of a small store. The crooks are willing to split the take, but she refuses. She gets out before the police shows up.

Gotham City
August 1, 21:52 EDT

Artemis catches a jewel thief.

Gotham City
August 2, 23:04 EDT

Still on the vigilante game, Artemis stops even more criminals.

Gotham City
August 3, 21:24 EDT

During a patrol, Artemis spots Superboy being thrown through the sky. She follows him to the Gotham Academy, where she witnesses the Team fighting Amazo. She recognizes Robin and Kid Flash, even Professor Ivo, who she has seen with her father. But before she can investigate further, she is discovered by Ivo's MONQIs.

To Be Continued...


The rabbit hole is a reference to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which plays a role in Artemis's life. Alice came to Wonderland through a rabbit hole, and Artemis is looking for a hole to escape her life as well.


Paula Crock
Lawrence Crock
Non-speaking roles
Kid Flash
Professor Ivo
0 Character debut
0 Speaking debut


  • This story continues in the next issue.
  • The events of this issue take place before and during the events of "Schooled".




YJ Comics Awareness Campaign (Video 1)

The motion comic featuring four pages of this issue with Stephanie Lemelin reading her lines as Artemis.


  • Artemis's eyes are blue instead of dark gray.
  • On the cover, Aqualad's eyes are green rather than gray.

Cultural references

  • The cover depicts Artemis wielding a bow and the Team framed inside an outline of a crescent moon. In the Greek mythology, Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and of the moon, and her symbols included a golden bow and arrow.


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Answered questions


  • Lawrence: Look, the way the game played out, it could have been either of us.
  • Paula Crock: But it wasn't. I took the fall. Both falls. I did the time... But I'm back now. And Artemis is my priority.
  • Thief: She wouldn't take the money... What kind of masked thief doesn't take the money?

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