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Rako is a Cambodian[2] assassin.

Physical appearance[]

Rako is an imposing figure, standing 7 feet tall. He has a long face and black hair.[2]

He wears a suit of armor evoking that of a samurai, and consists mostly of black plates, each lined with gold. He wears a helmet with a red visor, and a red sash around his waist.[3]


Early life[]

Rako was raised by General Trang, but as he grew up, he went his own way. He became an assassin armed with a deadly sword,[3] and worked for Alec Rois.[2]


August 13, 23:57 EDT

Rako assassinated all people involved in the trial of Nathaniel Adams, starting with Shirley Mason in her Arlington home.[3]

August 14, 00:32 EDT

His next victim was his former caretaker, General Trang, but the Team intervened before he could kill him.[3] After a short fight, he did succeed, and escaped.[2]

St. George
August 14, 03:26 MDT

Rako joined Henry Yarrow and Alec Rois at an old airbase to ambush the Team. Rako was taken out by Aqualad, who suffocated him with a bubble of water in his face.[2]


  • Swordsmanship[3]


  • Shuriken: one of Rako's preferred weapons, four-spiked throwing stars.[2]
  • Sword: Rako's sword can cut through anything—even Superboy—because it has been forged by the X-Ionizer. It gives off a blue gleam.[2]
  • Helmet: Rako's helmet has a visor that allows him to see infrared.[3]


Background information[]

  • Rako is based on the Captain Atom villain "The Cambodian", who, like Rako, murdered several people involved in Nathaniel Adam's court-martial. However, in the comics, the Cambodian was an adult during the war (since the stories took place in the late 1980s) and lead the ambush at Hill 409.
  • Due to the political incorrectness of "The Cambodian" name—which had always made Weisman uncomfortable—the name was dropped in favor of the character's real name, Rako. Rako was redesigned by Christopher Jones, based on original artwork from the Captain Atom comic book.[4]


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