Captain Randall "Randy" Eiling is a captain in the United States Air Force.

Physical appearance Edit

Randy is a tall Caucasian man with short brown hair and blue eyes. He has thick black eyebrows and a square jaw, as well as a large body frame.

History Edit

Randy was only a small child when his father, Nathaniel Adams, was tried for murder, and died in prison. His mother remarried Wade Eiling.

Randy joined the Air Force like his two fathers before him, eventually rising to the rank of captain. He did not like talking about his real father, whom he considered a traitor. Unlike his mother and sister, he was convinced of his guilt.[2]

2010 Edit

August 13, 19:06 HST

Captain Eiling expressed his sentiments when two teens inquired about the case 42 years after the trial. He originally did not want to talk about it, but his sister persuaded him.[2]

August 14, 09:16 HST

Aqualad and Artemis returned to tell Peggy and Randy about their investigation, and how their father was innocent. Moments later, Eiling showed up with their father, who was not quite dead after all.[3]

Background information Edit

Randy Eiling was designed by Christopher Jones, and meant to resemble his father to a degree. Slight changes were made to the chin and hair to prevent them from looking fully similar.[4]

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References Edit

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