Reach drink

A commercial for the drink.

Reach is a drink produced by LexCorp and the Reach.

The drink comes in two flavors: Strawberry-Mango and Peach, and is available in bottles[1] and cans.[2] As well as being sold, shipments of the drink have been sent to needy nations.[1]

The drink contains trace elements of three additives: dopamine polymerase (an addictive brain chemical that induces feelings of pleasure and well-being), an adrenaline inhibitor (which presumably blocks production of adrenaline, a chemical responsible for the body's fight or flight response), and a mitochondrial marker that works as a Meta-Gene tracer. The Reach planned to use it to sedate the Earth's population over a span of several generations, paving the way to an invasion.[3] However, the Light added a neutralizing agent to prevent this from happening.[4]

The drink has been promoted with a TV spot, which features a young man singing a jingle in a park, where he is joined by a group of children and young adults, the Reach ambassador and G. Gordon Godfrey.[3] It is also advertised on posters and billboards in cities such as Taos.[5] Sales for the drink were abysmal, mirroring the plunging public approval rating of the Reach following the revelation of their deception.[4]

After the Reach left Earth, the Team attempted to prove that LexCorp was releasing the soft drink under a new name.[6]

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