Rumaan Harjavti was the president of Qurac.


Early life

Harjavti was the democratically elected president of Qurac, and a figurehead in regional politics and charity. Queen Bee of the neighboring Bialya used Psimon to control him, and on November 17, her plan became public. Harjavti officially allied himself with Queen Bee, and announced their two countries would become one while he would step down, relinquishing control of his country to Queen Bee. In the meantime, he invited Bialyan military into the country to enforce martial law.[2]


November 22, post-23:56 UTC+2

Harjavti went on air to reiterate his intentions. Queen Bee, he claimed, was a gift to the people of Qurac.[2]

November 23, 22:11 UTC+2

Harjavti sat silently in the presidential palace, still slightly dazed from Psimon's control. He noticed the Team entering, but couldn't bring himself to being alarmed. He only asked for his daughter and Psimon.

The Team eventually took care of Psimon, and Noor looked after her father. Together, they staged a safe way out of the conflict: Miss Martian shape-shifted into Queen Bee, and Harjavti denounced her rule in front of the people and the press.[2]

December 1, 09:15 UTC+2

Harjavti faced difficult times when his own people moved to impeach him. Noor stood by her father while he tried to persuade his people to support him.[3]

December 1, 21:12 UTC+2

Harjavti took to a podium to address his people, accompanied by his brother and daughter.[4]

December 1, 21:16 UTC+2

Rumaan watched as an assassin shot a missile at the stage.[5]

December 1, 21:18 UTC+2

Sumaan blocked Deadshot's line of fire with his body, saving his brother's life while suffering a wound to the shoulder in the process. Nobody in the crowd knew this was always the plan: with Sumaan elevated to national hero, Queen Bee's plans for domination were made easier.[6]

Some time later, Rumaan was assassinated and replaced by his brother, Sumaan. His daughter continued his struggle for freedom and democracy.[3]


Background information

  • Young Justice's Harjavti is in stark contrast to his comics counterpart. He was the buffoonish dictator of Bialya, and threatened with war whenever the Justice League did something wrong on his territory—which happened a lot. He formed an alliance with an ambitious young woman, but she betrayed him. She had him murdered, and crowned herself Queen Bee. After Queen Bee's death, Rumaan's brother Sumaan took over, and after him, Queen Bee's sister Beatriz.
  • This is Rumaan Harjavti's first animated appearance.


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