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King Ryus Nereus is the ruler of the Atlantean kingdom of Xebel and the father of Queen Mera.


Early history

Ryus Nereus was the father of Mera Nereus. He opposed High King Orin's rule and actively stoked dissent among the people of Xebel.[1]


June 02, 15:07 UTC-2

Ryus Nereus addressed a crowd of protestors who demanded Arion be given the throne. When he could not persuade the crowd, he had his guards attack them.[2]

July 03, 18:58 UTC-2

As public unrest grew, Mera, Orin, Lori Lemaris and Nanaue Sha'ark went to the palace in Xebel to discuss the growing crisis with Nereus. Ryus blamed Orin and Mera, claiming that their failure to govern outside of Poseidonis had led to public discontent.

With the other representatives calling in, Orin opened the Conference of Delegates. It quickly became clear that they intended to elect a new High King, just as Arion and Chian arrived at the palace. The other delegates voted for Arion, but Nereus voted for himself. Orin reluctantly agreed to transfer power to Arion.

After the Lords of Order killed "Arion" for putting on their crown, Orin proposed Mera become the new High King. Nereus joined a unanimous vote in favor of his daughter's ascent.[1]


Background information

  • Ryus and Nereus are two kings of Xebel. Ryus is the father of Mera and Hila/Siren, whilst Nereus is his successor, a high-ranking noble who was to wed Mera before her defection. In some continuities, most prominently the Aquaman movie, Nereus is Mera's father.
  • This is either character's first animated appearance.


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