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STAR Labs, short for Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Labs,[1] is a private organization[2] that specializes in high-end research and technology. They have facilities in various cities including Boston, New York City,[3] Philadelphia,[1] Gotham City,[4] Detroit[5] and Taos. Taos is the site of the Erdel Initiative into Zeta-Beam research.[6]



Early history

STAR set up the Erdel Initiative to maintain the Justice League's Zeta-Beam technology.[8]


Litchfield County
August 3, post-07:38 EDT

When the Justice League defeated and dismantled the android Amazo on August 3, they intended to send the parts to two different STAR Labs facilities, one in Boston and one in New York. The parts were intercepted en route, but when the Team defeated Amazo again, the parts were successfully sent for analysis to the two separate STAR Labs.[3]

August 8, post-21:57 EDT

The League of Shadows later used the Fog to destroy the Philadelphia facility and steal all of their computer data.[1]

Gotham City
November 5, 22:07 EDT

When Klarion and his fellow sorcerers cast a spell to split the world into two dimensions, one for children and one for adults, Lawrence Crock led a mob of angry and confused parents to the Gotham facility, demanding to know where their children had gone. Gotham City Police Department officers, led by Commissioner Gordon, defended the facility. This distraction gave Riddler a chance to sneak in and steal the last Starro fragment,[4] which had been brought to the facility after Black Manta's attack on Poseidonis.[10]


December 1, 10:10 MST

Adam Strange and Eduardo Dorado Sr. scanned Blue Beetle for Zeta-transport. Beetle, Nightwing, Wonder Girl and Sphere then Zeta-ed to Gotham City.[11]


January 6, 09:58 MST

Zeta Squad returned to STAR Labs from Rann, where they were debriefed by Nightwing and Captain Atom.[6]

February 13, 19:49 MST

Adam Strange and Eduardo Dorado Sr. activated the Zeta-Shield from their STAR Labs base.[12]

April 1, 17:23 MDT

Black Canary conducted interviews with the Team members and runaway teens abducted by the Reach.[13] Virgil Hawkins, Tye Longshadow, Asami Koizumi, Eduardo Dorado Jr. and Nathaniel Tryon were held at STAR Labs for testing and evaluation,[9] with the approval of their parents or guardians, where known.[14]

April 1, post-20:08 MDT

Black Canary, Captain Atom and Nightwing discussed recent events in a STAR Labs office. Blue Beetle interrupted to tell them that he betrayed humanity in Impulse's future and demanded they remove his scarab.[13]

April 9, 00:20 MDT

Nightwing and the Team interviewed Green Beetle to confirm his identity, including a half-hearted telepathic scan by Miss Martian. They later discussed the additives the Reach planted in their drink.[15]

April 9, post-05:20 MDT

Outside STAR Labs, Jaime and Green Beetle discussed freeing Jaime of his scarab's influence. Green agreed to turn off his scarab,[15] but in fact put it on-mode, making Jaime the Reach's puppet.[9]

May 13, 13:05 MDT

Tired of undergoing tests, Virgil, Tye, Asami Koizumi and Ed escaped the facility. Meanwhile, most of the Amazo parts recovered from the wreckage of the Hall of Justice were delivered to STAR for safe keeping.[9]

May 13, post-20:52 MDT

STAR Labs came under attack by Red Volcano, who wanted Amazo. Blue Beetle and, soon after, the teens arrived to help. Beetle was able to destroy the robot, but not before massively damaging the building. The runaways rescued the endangered staff, and fled the scene when Beetle was beset by reporters.[9]

May 23, 20:30 MDT

Green Beetle briefed Captain Atom, Nightwing and Adam Strange on the approaching Warworld.[16]


September 25, 22:56 EDT

Cheshire led a break-in on STAR Labs with Shade, Mist and Livewire. They escaped with a Reach device that was being experimented on, though Cheshire was shot in the arm by security guard Casey Klebba.[5]



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