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Salem at night.

Salem is a city in Massachusetts.



After kidnapping him on July 27, Klarion and Abra Kadabra tortured Kent Nelson at an abandoned theater in Salem for 23 days to gain access to the Tower of Fate, to get the Helmet of Fate.[1]

August 19, 20:22 EDT

The Team arrived in Salem and brought the Tower of Fate to the physical plane.[1]

August 21, 16:07 EDT

Members of the Team, the Justice League and the Justice Society of America attended the funeral of Kent Nelson. Red Tornado gave the eulogy.[2]


May 13, 20:28 EDT

The wave of energy caused by the arrival of Child on Earth passed through Salem and the Tower of Fate.[3]

May 14, 03:22 EDT

Zatanna and her students arrived in the Tower of Fate, where Doctor Fate tested the students. Klarion then arrived outside the Tower, demanding help. Child and Flaw soon followed, and Flaw killed Teekl, banishing Klarion from the material plane.[4]

May 14, 05:21 EDT

Child then destroyed the Tower of Fate. She then left to sow chaos elsewhere, with Fate, Zatanna and her students soon going after her.[5]

May 14, 22:50 EDT

Klarion and his school bus arrived at the Old Salem Animal Shelter to find a new familiar. Klarion ended up choosing a stray. Klarion and the magical heroes then teleported to the ruins of the Tower of Fate, where they summoned Child and eventually defeated her.[6]

May 15, 00:01 EDT

In the aftermath of the battle, Fate, Zatanna and her students discussed Zatanna's plan to have multiple rotating hosts for Doctor Fate. They then returned to the Old Salem Animal Sanctuary to send the school bus back to its own time.[6]

August 27, 20:30 EDT

Atop the rebuilt Tower of Fate, Doctor Fate changed hosts from Zatara to Zatanna.[7]

September 03, 00:00 EDT

Fate gathered a number of powerful magic users in the Tower of Fate. They attempted a ritual to find Superboy's spirit, but failed.[7]

September 06, 00:16 EDT

In the Tower of Fate, Zatanna, Nightwing, Tigress, Rocket and Aquaman summoned Klarion to try to get him to save Superboy from the Phantom Zone. Their attempt to contain Klarion proved ineffective, and after a losing battle Zatanna was able to force Klarion to spare them, but not help them.[8]

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Historically, Salem was settled in 1626, and it is now a city in the Essex County of the state of Massachusetts. Noted for its historic architecture and waterfront, Salem is more known for its role in the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. In the present, it still has a large attraction in tourism related to witchcraft.


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