Sandra Stanyon is an actress.

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Sandra was born around 1922 and at the age of 18, she made her motion picture debut. Playing the female lead role in 1940's The Silver Blade was an incredible experience for the young girl, who fell in love with her 20-year old co-star Jonathan Lord. Lord was already married at the time, but that didn't stop them. They had an affair and after Lord divorced, they married.

They starred in many movies together, including Dial "D" for Dead and Undercover Agent.[1] Thirty years into their marriage, they played Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler, Megan Wheeler's mother, in the stort-lived television series Hello, Megan!.[2] The marriage ended the same way as Lord's first had: he was caught cheating.[1]

2016 Edit

August 08, 13:57 PDT

Sandra was a guest of honor at a Goode World Studios classic film festival in Hollywood, which included a Q&A session hosted by Tod Donner. She grew increasingly annoyed that most of the questions were about her ex-husband. After asking for a question not about Jonathan Lord, she got one about Hello, Megan!. She gladly regaled some memories of the show and her fondness of the lead actress, young Marie Logan. She noticed the asker looked a lot like her, to which the asker and her companion introduced themselves as Marie's children. Sandra invited them to catch up during lunch later. She did wonder why one of them was green.

At the lunch, Sandra reminisced some more and expressed her sorrow about Marie's death. The conversation was cut short by Psimon, who captured them all inside Miss Martian's mind.[1]

August 08, 16:16 PDT

Miss Martian's mindscape was one of Hello, Megan!, in which Sandra played her old role of Mrs. Wheeler. After the heroine got them out, Sandra remarked that after being married to Jonathan Lord, she was used to weird.[3]

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  • Like Jonathan Lord, Sandra Stanyon is a character from Cary Bates's Silverblade series. She was a former co-star and lover of the main character.

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