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A box of shield patches.

Shields are patches that allow Superboy to use full Kryptonian powers, including flight, heat vision, x-ray vision, and enhance his super strength. According to the supplier, Lex Luthor, shields work by suppressing Superboy's human DNA for an hour. A shield is activated when Superboy sticks it on his skin. After an hour, the abilities subside, and the patches become black. Adversely, prolonged usage affected Superboy's emotional state, making him extremely volatile.[1]


On November 25, 2010, Superboy discovered Match, another clone of Superman, at Cadmus and released him from his containment pod. This clone proceeded to attack Superboy, knocking him out and escaping. Later, Lex Luthor informed Superboy that the that he is, in fact, half-human, and that the other clone's full-Kryptonian DNA had driven it insane. Taking advantage of the situation, Luthor gave Superboy a container full of shields to defeat Match, which he reluctantly accepted.[2]

Superboy succumbed to the side effects of using shields.

After his rematch with Match, Superboy began to rely on the shields in his fights.[3] He used them to fight Parasite[3] on mission in Geneva and Deadshot in Dhabar,[4] but finally exhausted them after the Team was ambushed in the Smokey Mountains by Cheshire, Riddler, Mammoth, and Shimmer. His use of the shields in this engagement so clouded his mind that he lost control, and pummeled Mammoth so ferociously that he caused an avalanche that nearly killed Artemis. Luthor had hoped to use the promise of more shields as a method of controlling Superboy, but Conner ultimately rejected the offer, having confessed his shield use to his teammates.[1]



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