Simeon is the son of Gorilla Grodd and Primat.[1]

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Simeon is a black-furred gorilla child.

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2010 Edit

"Gorilla City"
September 27, post-00:00 CAT

Simeon was one of six young gorillas being held hostage by the Brain and Ultra-Humanite. They were rescued from a locked hut by Miss Martian, who took them outside the city to Primat and Boka. Primat was happy to see her son again, and that he had grown since last she saw him. The two adult gorillas took Simeon and the other children to a place of safety where Congorilla watched over the other mothers. After their former captors were defeated and Gorilla City was destroyed, Simeon was reunited with his father.[1]

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Background information Edit

  • In the comics, Sam Simeon is half of the detective duo Angel and the Ape, together with Angel O'Day. He was a telepathic gorilla who used his powers to hide himself among people, and a cartoonist in his free time. He has been variously retconned as the grandson or even brother of Gorilla Grodd.

References Edit

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