General Singh Manh Li is the leader of North Rhelasia.



September 7, 19:20 NST

Singh Manh Li and his southern counterpart, Tseng, attended a peace conference to reunite the two nations. After an assassin attempted to murder the independent arbitrator they had brought in, Lex Luthor, both Li and Tseng accused each other of hiring her.

Luthor was eventually able to unite the two leaders, who gave all credit to Luthor, though Red Arrow and Aqualad prevented Cheshire from succeeding.[2]

Background information

  • In the comics, Singh Manh Lee is the generalissimo and general for life of Rheelasia. He was introduced (and killed) in Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey #1, Chuck Dixon and Gary Frank's one shot that established the working relationship between Black Canary and Oracle.



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