Jonathan Kent's farm.

Smallville is a rural American town in Kansas.[1]

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April 8, 16:38 CDT

Robin, Blue Beetle, Arsenal and Impulse went undercover in LexCorp Farms as tourists, and split off from the tour group halfway through the tour.

They managed to procure a sample of the Reach's additive, but on their way out, were confronted by Black Beetle. After Green Beetle joined the fight as well, the heroes were victorious, and regrouped.

At Jonathan Kent's farm, Alpha Squad and Green Beetle met up with Nightwing and Superboy.[1]

April 8, post-22:36 CDT

Lex Luthor and Vandal Savage discussed the damage done to the farms, and concluded that the main production lines were never in any harm.[1]

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  • Smallville, Kansas is the home of Jonathan and Martha Kent, who found the baby Kal-El.

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