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A space-belt.

Space-belts are equipment used by the Justice League for missions in space. They create a field around their user which acts as a self-contained life support system, shielding them from hostile environments,[1] and allows them to fly.[2]


Space-belts came into use sometime after May 2016. Before this, only Justice League members with the constitution to survive the vacuum of space and the ability to fly went into open space and would wear face masks for air supply.[3][4]


The Orphanage
November 07, post-01:49 UTC

Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkwoman wore space-belts while breaking into the Orphanage.[1]


The League kept a number of belts in its stores on the Watchtower. Kid Flash took one for his secret mission with the Legion of Super-Heroes. The fact Bart took the belt led Nightwing, who was investigating Bart's disappearance, to believe Bart had left Earth.[5]

September 09, post-19:47 EDT

Nightwing's squad, minus Rocket, donned space-belts before entering the portal to the Phantom Zone.[2]



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