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Space Trek 3016 logo, as seen on a pair of Goode Goggles.

Space Trek 3016 is a science fiction television series staring Garfield Logan.[1] There is also a video game of the same name based on the series, which was available on Goode Goggles.[2]


Space Trek 3016 follows the adventures of the crew of the starship Engager. The Engager's enemies included the Klamulons.[1] The Engager is armed with tazer-beams and powered by beryllium crystals.[3]

In the third season, Ensign Valiant was killed by Klamulons during an away mission.[2]

Later, the Klamulon Lieutenant Der'Chow had joined the crew, the Engager was caught in the middle of a Klamulon civil war, Lieutenant Tork had to take command of the ship while Captain Tom Bender was missing, and Ensign Valiant had been turned into a zombie-cyborg.[3]

In the 16th episode of the fifth season, the Engager was under attack. Tork was supposed to urge Captain Bender to surrender, but the scene was re-written to give the lines to Der'Chow.[4]


Production began in 2016,[5] and on November 16, 2018 Garfield was shooting episode 16 of the show's third season.[6] Shooting for the 16th episode of season five took place on May 14, 2020.[4]

The series was available via Goode Goggles,[7] which could create a virtual recreation of the bridge of the Engager,[8] as well as on regular devices.[9]

The show was successful enough that Logan enjoyed a degree of celebrity, allowing him to produce public service announcements about meta-human trafficking from the set,[1] and making his love life the subject of gossip media.[7]

However, the show began to face issues behind the scenes between Garfield and Gretchen Goode after he discovered her true nature. Gretchen forced him to retake the same scene mutiple times and had to stay on with the show due to his acting contract, otherwise she threatened to sue Garfield if he tried to quit.[6] Eventually, once the truth about Gretchen Goode was exposed to the public as well her involvement in meta-human trackifing, she left both Space Trek and Goode World Studios behind.[10][4]

The show resumed production, but faced new issues due to Garfield's responsibilites to the Outsiders. On several occasions, he began arriving late due to Outsiders missions that caused some frustrations among the crew, but despite these setbacks, Garfield still remained focused and sharp on set.[4]

However, when Garfield returned from Mars, he fell into severe depression and mourning since the death of Superboy. On set, the crew faced difficulties with Garfield as he lacked focus and enthusiasm during filming. J. Anson Schwartz offered Garfield some downtime and told him that Harvey's character had grown popular enough to take over until he was ready to return. Filming resumed with Harvey as the lead role and they finished the scene.[4]

The show continued to receive promotional support, with a billboard in Planet Circle on September 14, 2020,[11] though Lia Briggs felt the show had gone downhill following Garfield's departure.[12]

Cast and characters


Background information

Space Trek 3016 is a variant of Space Trek: 2022, which first appeared in Teen Titans #50. Garfield Logan also played the character Tork in that show. The show seems to take its name after two science-fiction series set in space: Star Trek and Space: 1999. While Gar Logan's role as Tork is much the same, the captain's name is Tim Bender rather than Tom Bender, the ship is the Corporation instead of the Engager, and Klamulons are humanoid lizards.


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