Apartment 302

The apartment building at night.

Apartment 302 on Sprang Boulevard[nb 1] is the apartment of Paula Crock and her daughter Artemis in Gotham Heights.

History Edit

Early history Edit

Artemis had lived in the apartment for most of her life, with her sister Jade and her parents, Paula and Lawrence. Jade left when their mother was in jail,[1] and Lawrence left after she returned.[2]

2010 Edit

Gotham City
July 31, 17:29 EDT

Paula Crock returned home after her she served her sentence. Her daughter Artemis was the only one waiting for her. After she was confronted by her father's dismissive opinion of Paula's desire to give up her former life, Artemis decided to use her skills for good and become a vigilante.[2]

Gotham City
August 7, 22:42 EDT

After a week of crime fighting, Artemis was approached by Batman and Green Arrow to become part of the Team she saved.[3]

Gotham City
August 27, 22:06 EDT

Paula gave Artemis a letter from the Gotham Academy, stating she had been accepted with a Wayne Foundation scholarship.[4]

Gotham City
September 22, 06:00 EDT

Artemis did not like waking up early for her first day at Gotham Academy. Before getting up, she thought about her sister.[1]

Gotham City
November 6, post-00:01 EDT

After being separated in different dimensions for a day by a spell from Klarion, Artemis rushed home to hug her mother.[5]

Gotham City
December 4, 23:48 EST

Artemis discussed her recent work with Green Arrow, but was distraught when she learned her place on the Team could not entirely have been earned.[6]

Gotham City
December 6, 03:44 EST

With her most recent mission a failure, Artemis did not want to talk to her mother. She stormed to her room, where her father was waiting for her. He urged her to change sides.[6]

2016 Edit

Gotham City
May 28, 02:34 EDT

Jade Nguyen returned home to pick up Lian from her mother. She revealed good news about Artemis to her.[7]

Sightings Edit

Background information Edit

  • Sprang Boulevard is most likely named after Batman artist Dick Sprang.

Notes Edit

  1. Seen on the envelope of Artemis's letter in "Downtime", though partially obscured. The full address is either 174 or 194 Sprang Boulevard.

References Edit

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