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An overview of Star City.

Star City is a city in California.[1] It is the hometown of Green Arrow, Black Canary, Speedy and Red Arrow.

Known locations



Star City
July 4, 09:01 PDT

Icicle Jr. attacked the suspension bridge, but was defeated by Green Arrow and Speedy.[7]

Star City
July 17, 23:16 PDT

Brick received a shipment into the Star City docks. His operation was disrupted by Speedy, with assistance from Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash.[8]

Star City
August 27, 07:54 PDT

In an effort to find out what the motive behind the Independence Day attacks was, Artemis was placed under arrest to coax Icicle Jr. into revealing information.[9]

Star City
August 27, 08:33 PDT

Artemis reported back to Green Arrow. Junior did not tell much, and Artemis made it clear she did not want any more undercover missions like this.[9]

Star City
October 1, 16:57 PDT

Green Arrow, Red Arrow, Black Canary and Guy Gardner fought off the Injustice League's plant creature on the suspension bridge.[10]

Star City
September 6, 20:12 PDT

A group of Kobra cultists lead by Shimmer broke into the museum to steal a cobra dagger. Green Arrow and Artemis apprehended most of them, but Shimmer got away with the dagger. Artemis planted a special tracer on her.[4]

Star City
December 4, 20:04 PST

Green Arrow and Artemis foiled the assassination of Bernell Jones by Black Spider. Later in the evening, Red Arrow helped his former mentor stop a robbery at the local Save-Big.[11]


Star City
January 1, 07:26 PST

At Ollie's advice, Roy stayed with his former mentor in Star City to collect his thoughts.[12]


Star City
March 21, 14:22 PDT

After being freed from the Light, Speedy was brought to Royal Memorial Hospital. Ollie and Roy informed him of what happened in the eight years of his absence, which led Speedy to seek revenge. He escaped the hospital, and made his way to an old weapons cache. He raided the armories, and teleported away before Green Arrow and Red Arrow could stop him; the Zeta-Tube was destroyed in the escape.[13]

Star City
March 30, 21:57 PDT

Tigress oversaw the transport of new abductees for the Reach in the Star City docks. She and her men were not aware Batgirl, Bumblebee and Robin infiltrated the prisoners, and after loading them aboard the Manta-Flyer, took off for the ocean.[14]



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