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An overview of Star City.

Star City is a city in California.[1] It is the hometown of Green Arrow, Black Canary, Speedy and Red Arrow.



Star City
July 4, 09:01 PDT

Icicle Jr. attacked the suspension bridge, but was defeated by Green Arrow and Speedy.[2]

Star City
July 17, 23:16 PDT

Brick received a shipment into the Star City docks. His operation was disrupted by Speedy, with assistance from Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash.[3]

Star City
August 27, 07:54 PDT

In an effort to find out what the motive behind the Independence Day attacks was, Artemis was placed under arrest to coax Icicle Jr. into revealing information.[4]

Star City
August 27, 08:33 PDT

Artemis reported back to Green Arrow. Junior did not tell much, and Artemis made it clear she did not want any more undercover missions like this.[4]

Star City
October 1, 16:57 PDT

Green Arrow, Red Arrow, Black Canary and Guy Gardner fought off the Injustice League's plant creature on the suspension bridge.[5]

Star City
September 6, 20:12 PDT

A group of Kobra cultists lead by Shimmer broke into the museum to steal a cobra dagger. Green Arrow and Artemis apprehended most of them, but Shimmer got away with the dagger. Artemis planted a special tracer on her.[6]

Star City
December 4, 20:04 PST

Green Arrow and Artemis foiled the assassination of Bernell Jones by Black Spider. Later in the evening, Red Arrow helped his former mentor stop a robbery at the local Save-Big.[7]


Star City
January 1, 07:26 PST

At Ollie's advice, Roy stayed with his former mentor in Star City to collect his thoughts.[8]


Star City
March 21, 14:22 PDT

After being freed from the Light, Speedy was brought to Royal Memorial Hospital. Ollie and Roy informed him of what happened in the eight years of his absence, which led Speedy to seek revenge. He escaped the hospital, and made his way to an old weapons cache. He raided the armories, and teleported away before Green Arrow and Red Arrow could stop him; the Zeta-Tube was destroyed in the escape.[9]

Star City
March 30, 21:57 PDT

Tigress oversaw the transport of new abductees for the Reach in the Star City docks. She and her men were not aware Batgirl, Bumblebee and Robin infiltrated the prisoners, and after loading them aboard the Manta-Flyer, took off for the ocean.[10]

Star City
June 20, 04:10 PDT

Amid the disasters caused by the Reach Magnetic Field Disruptors, a school bus was trapped on a broken road. Green Arrow and Black Canary helped the children off, only for the bus and children to teleport away.[11]


After retiring from heroics to focus on becoming a father to his daughter, Will Harper founded his company, Bowhunter Security and purchased a home for his family. Jade eventually left them, and Artemis moved in with Will to help him raise Lian and brought along her pitbull, Brucely.[12][13][14]


Star City
July 29, 07:16 PDT

Dick recruited Artemis for a mission to bust meta-human traffickers in Markovia.[12]

Star City
August 01, 07:16 PDT

At their home, Will and Artemis discussed their new houseguest.

Later, Artemis and Halo went to Grant Park where they met with Doctor Fate before he removed his helmet for an hour so Zatara and Zatanna could spend some time together.[13]

Star City
September 10, 12:01 PDT

The Justice League intervened when Sportsmaster and Abra Kadabra attempted to abduct two prisoners being transported to Belle Reve Penitentiary. Kadabra was apprehended, but Sportmaster escaped with Shade.[15]

Star City
October 12, 19:49 PDT

At the Harper home, Artemis enrolled Halo in school. Will noticed Jade watching from outside and made a plea for her to return to her family, but she left.[14]

Star City
November 01, 06:23 PDT

Tara Markov moved into the Harper house. She secretly texted Deathstroke.[16]

Star City
November 06, 17:21 PST

Black Lightning and Helga Jace visited the busy Harper house for coffee. Tara secretly recorded their conversation.[17]

Star City
November 16, 17:17 PST

Artemis left home for a mission, while Will and Lian had a gross out contest.[18]

Star City
November 17, 16:16 PST

Now back home, Violet processed the memories triggered during the mission in Verhoyansk.[18]

Star City
November 22, 13:01 PST

Will and Artemis hosted Thanksgiving dinner. Paula was horrified to learn her daughter had resumed her heroic career, and Violet confided in Helga Jace about their resurfaced memories.[19]

Star City
December 07, 19:49 PST

Artemis, Violet and Tara watched a stream of the Outsiders' first mission. They had a sleepover to celebrate Violet and Tara'slast night at the Harper house before moving to the Premiere Building.[20]


Star City
February 14, 18:04 PST

Will prepared a surprise Valentine's dinner for Artemis. She felt guilty about possibly being with someone else after Wally West's death. She met Zatanna at Grant Park and begged her to summon Wally's spirit. Zatanna agreed, but in fact it was M'gann who created a psychic playground in Artemis's mind, which allowed her to work through her grief on her own. Artemis returned home and told Will she didn't think they were right for each other.[21]


Paula Crock moved to Star City, close by to Artemis, Will and Lian.[22]


Star City
February 23, 11:19 PST

Bowhunter Security was tasked with protecting a warehouse full of Wayne Tech hardware intended for a new Wayne Tech skyscraper. They were attacked by Task Force X, who abducted Harlan Matthews.[23]

Star City
March 26, 07:09 PDT

Artemis had a good day, until she returned home to bad news; Conner was dead.[24]

Star City
April 17, 07:08 PDT

Artemis had a difficult day, as she struggled to deal with Conner's passing.[24]

Star City
April 18, 17:54 PDT

Artemis became determined to bring her sister back home. She spoke with her mother about it, but Paula was dubious.

She later went to the library, but was followed by Onyx. When confronted, Onyx claimed to be a defector from the League of Shadows. Cassandra Savage then appeared and made the same claim, with both defectors claiming the other was lying.

On the way to the Vault, the group was attacked by the Shadows, but the assault was repelled. At the Vault, the two supposed defectors were placed in holding cells while the heroes debated what to do with them.[24]

Star City
April 19, 04:16 PDT

Jade came to the Harper house, summoned by an emergency signal, expecting Lian was in danger. In fact, Artemis had summoned her.[24] Artemis convinced Jade to help her with her Shadow problem.[25]

Later, Artemis and Jade met in Grant Park to discuss what intel Jade had gathered. They went on to the Vault, where Jade interrogated the two alleged defectors. They were attacked by the League of Shadows, and Lady Shiva captured Orphan and demanded Cassandra Savage be brought to Santa Prisca or else she would kill Orphan.[25]

Star City
April 20, 06:00 PDT

Halo arrived at the Vault for guard duty, but found it deserted.[25]

Star City
April 21, 20:38 PDT

Will received a call from Artemis. Before Artemis could tell him she was bringing Jade home, Lian jumped in on the call to show off her "mommy mask" which scared Jade off.[26]

Star City
April 22, 07:16 PDT

Artemis returned home from her mission to Santa Prisca.[26]

Star City
August 28, 09:00 PDT

Garfield had a counselling session with Dinah at her office above Sherwood Florist.[27]

Star City
November 09, 08:00 PST

Perdita Vladek visited Star City for an economic conference. She was guarded by Bowhunter Security. Before the conference, she toured STAR Labs, but armored attackers abducted her.[28]

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