Kid Flash stealth suit

Kid Flash deactivates his stealth-tech (note the fading from black to yellow).

Stealth-tech is a modification to the uniforms of the Team members, providing camouflage so that they can better carry out their covert operations. They were given the new stealth-tech uniforms shortly before their first mission in Santa Prisca.[1]

Function Edit

Stealth-tech allows members of the Team to change the color of their costumes from their usual colors to dark gray or black. This color change helps the Team camouflage with their surroundings during the nighttime, which is when most of their missions take place, for covert reasons.

When it was introduced, Superboy refused to wear a costume, and Miss Martian's organic clothing made the stealth-tech unnecessary for her.[1] Robin did not have stealth-tech fitted in his costume either, as he was trained in stealth and capable of sneaking without it.[2] Artemis did not initially use stealth-tech,[2] but her costume was modified to include it prior to the Team's encounter with Red Volcano.[3]

Aqualad could access the stealth-tech by pushing the "A" symbol on his belt buckle; Kid Flash can access it by pressing the Flash lightning bolt symbol on his chest;[1] Artemis can access it when pressing the green arrow on her top;[3] and Wonder Girl can access it by pressing the two stylized golden W's on her top.[4] Because his costume has no logo, Impulse has shown difficulty finding his activation button.[5]

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References Edit

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