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"Summit" is the 19th episode of the second season of Young Justice, and the 45th of the overall series. It aired on March 9, 2013.


The Light calls a Summit to decide the final fate of Aqualad, the team... and the entire planet Earth![1]


Santa Prisca
June 19, 00:00 ECT

In an underground cavern underneath the island, the lights flicker on. Black Beetle and Deathstroke enter the area from opposite sides. They look into the cave, and each other. Both nodding, they stand aside as their respective delegations file in.

The summit begins

The summit begins.

The Reach ambassador brings up the Reach delegation, with the head scientist and a handful of soldiers in attendance. The Light delegation consists of Vandal Savage, Ra's al Ghul, Black Manta, and the Brain, with Kaldur'ahm, Tigress, Ubu, and Monsieur Mallah providing security.

Savage and the ambassador exchange greetings, but Black Beetle pulls rank as head of security for the Reach, and insisted that all masks be removed for the summit. Black Manta chafes at this, but Ra's al Ghul requests him to comply. Deathstroke and Tigress follow suit, with Tigress whispering to Kaldur that they are way in over their heads.

The ambassador starts the summit by inquiring about the whereabouts of the other Light members. Savage replies that they were conducting damage control to mitigate recent Reach defeats; and at any rate, those already present are sufficient.

The Light hears the Reach's grievances

The Light hears the Reach's grievances.

The ambassador knows the Light called for the summit, but he presents his grievance first. He wants to know why the Light allowed the Team access to the Bialyan scarab temple, which was under the control of the Light. Kaldur'ahm tries to reply, but Black Beetle denies him a voice; he tells Manta to keep his whelp meat silent. Black Manta is irked by this statement again, but Savage steps in. He diplomatically points out that nobody has done or sacrificed more, for both the Light and the Reach, than Kaldur'ahm. Kaldur was entrusted with security for the summit, and is entitled to speak.

The ambassador agrees, and Kaldur states his response. The Light was not aware of the temple's significance, and the ability of ancient Earth magic to cleanse the scarabs. If the Reach had told the Light that they had sent a scarab to Earth in ancient times, they would have connected the off-mode scarab to the temple, and would have provided better security for it.

The scientist agrees, reminding the ambassador about how she wanted to study how the Blue Beetle scarab went off-mode before rebooting it. She states if he had heeded her advice everything would had been known but a glare from the ambassador shuts her up, and she apologizes for speaking out of turn.

Sensing a chance to rub it in, Black Manta chimes in, telling her she was correct to question her master's tactics. Despite the ambassador's attempt to stop this line of thought, Ra's al Ghul twists the knife by reminding the Reach of their failures: their low public approval, low sales of the Reach drink, and failure in keeping the runaways, the Team members, and both Blue and Green Beetles captive.

The ambassador reassures them that both beetles will return to the fold—this was why Black Beetle was summoned from his guard post in the Warworld to Earth, so he could kill both beetle hosts. After this, the scarabs will be reprogrammed and implanted in new hosts who will forever remain slaves to the Reach.

The ambassador adds further that, although the Light are the Reach's favored human agents, they and the Earth are property of the Reach, and should show them proper respect. Black Manta chafes at being called a slave, and after being threatened by Black Beetle, stands up to him.

The tension escalates

The tension escalates.

Ra's al Ghul notes that they're at a stand off, but Black Beetle disagrees. He swats Black Manta aside, prompting Deathstroke and Tigress to intervene. During the fracas, Tigress blocks a stinger bolt that would have hit Ra's al Ghul. She is knocked back into him, and apologizes for doing so. He tells her it is not necessary and thanks her, but the immortal's eyes are drawn towards the Glamour Charm around her neck.

Black Beetle struggles with Deathstroke and then Black Manta before Kaldur'ahm stops them both: they are allies, and should not be distracted from their true enemies, the Justice League and their sidekicks. The ambassador agrees that they shouldn't let petty disagreements drive a wedge between them, and orders a reluctant Black Beetle to stand down.

Aqualad brings up a new point of concern—shouldn't they be concerned that Superman, Batman, the Green Lanterns and the rest of the League will soon return to Earth and sway public opinion back to their side? Vandal Savage smugly proclaims that the League will be convicted on Rimbor thanks to a few well-placed bribes. The ambassador adds that the Green Lanterns are prohibited from returning to Earth as per the Reach pact with the Guardians. He is not worried about public opinion—he can leverage on the half truths the Reach already used to discredit the league, to discredit them again.

Artemis is exposed

Artemis is exposed.

While the conversation is ongoing, Ra's al Ghul strides towards Tigress, focusing intently on her charm. He takes it, and rips it off her neck. The spell dissipates, revealing Tigress to be Artemis, much to everyone's shock.

Ra's al Ghul explains that he recognized Tigress's amulet as a Glamour Charm, created either by Zatanna or Doctor Fate to hide Artemis's true identity. The ambassador continues to put the facts together: if Artemis is alive and acting as his lieutenant, Kaldur'ahm is in cahoots with her. Black Beetle deduces that means Aqualad has duped the Light and his own father.

Aqualad dies

Aqualad dies.

The ambassador commands Black Beetle to kill both of the traitors. Black Manta tries to stop him, but Deathstroke shoots both Kaldur'ahm and Artemis in the chest—the Light takes care of its own. Black Manta cradles his dying son, who has a triumphant look on his face. Kaldur tells Black Manta that it's too late, he's already won. With his dying breath, Kaldur releases a dead-man switch he's been holding in his hand. The device activates a hologram of Kaldur'ahm, in a prerecorded message meant for the Reach. Vandal Savage instructs Deathstroke to turn it off, but the mercenary doesn't know how to do it.

Aqualad drives a wedge between partners

Aqualad drives a wedge between partners.

Kaldur explains that the Light has betrayed the Reach at every turn, with the ultimate intention of transforming the Earth and the Light into the eventual rulers of the Milky Way galaxy. The Light kept the enhanced meta-teens out of the Reach's hands, added a neutralizing agent to the Reach's drink, turned public opinion against the Reach, and allowed the Team unfettered access to the scarab temple to cleanse Blue and Green Beetle. The alliance they had forged was nothing but a well-crafted illusion, and Kaldur is confident his message shattered it. Vandal, visibly struggling to keep his rage in check, snarls that, even in death, Kaldur and Artemis have done more to derail his plans than any living being in 50,000 years.

The ambassador and Savage exchange threats

The ambassador and Savage exchange threats.

The ambassador erupts in anger at the revelations, calling Earthlings a pestilence and a plague. The Light was fortunate they don't carve up the Earth with the Warworld. Vandal Savage sarcastically proclaims that he was impressed with the threat, since the Warworld's crystal key is in his possession.

That was all Aqualad needed to hear. He and Artemis stand up, none the worse-for-wear from Deathstroke's bullet. Savage is dumbfounded, but "Deathstroke" breaks cover and telekinetically floats a sword at Savage's neck. She doesn't need to do any permanent damage to her best friends when misdirection and Hollywood special effects would suffice.

Vandal outmatched

Savage is outsmarted and outmatched.

Aqualad moves towards Miss Martian, lecturing Vandal Savage on the value of true friendship. The trap is sprung: Superboy, Guardian and Bumblebee emerge from the Reach entrance, while Nightwing, Batgirl, and Kid Flash enter from the Light side of the cavern.

Vandal Savage congratulates Aqualad for his plan, but adds that the Light always has contingencies. The Brain seals off the cave exits, and opens the ceiling. Dozens of League of Shadows agents drop into the room, surrounding the young heroes. Savage has tired of the Team's interference, now wants the children all killed. Aqualad chides Vandal Savage—their successes continue to mount because he continues to underestimate them. On cue, one of the Shadows flies up, reveals himself to be Blue Beetle, and blasts the Reach soldiers with a sonic beam.

The Team steps in

The Team steps in.

The battle is joined on all sides: as the Shadows rush to attack, they are ambushed by two of their own—Lagoon Boy and Beast Boy, clad in Shadow gear. Lagoon Boy puffs up and charges Ubu, while Beast Boy turns into a gorilla, and engages Monsieur Mallah. Kid Flash removes the pin from a group of Shadows' smoke grenades, allowing Batgirl enough cover to take them down.

Nightwing outfights a couple of Shadows with his eskrima sticks and martial arts, and the Guardian blocks a Shadow's swords with his shield. Seizing an opening, he casually backhands a Reach soldier, and defeats his attacker with boxing skills. Bumblebee carries her own, using her own stingers to blast at the eyes and neck of hapless Reach soldiers.

Superboy uses brute strength to pound away Shadows. As a squad run towards him, they are taken out by three of their own—a Shadow with a golden lasso, one with a bo staff, and a speedster. They remove their masks to show Wonder Girl, Impulse, and Robin, and join the mêlée.

Vandal and Klarion evade the skirmish

Vandal and Klarion evade the skirmish.

Seeing all this unfold, Vandal Savage concedes Aqualad's point. He will no longer underestimate Earth's young heroes. He activates a ring he was wearing on his left middle finger, and Klarion emerges from it. The Lord of Chaos fully materializes, and transmutes Deathstroke's sword into a fire serpent. Without a word, Klarion snaps his fingers, and a portal whisks him, Teekl, and Vandal Savage away from Santa Prisca.

Vandal's egress drives Black Beetle to label him as cowardly meat. Ra's al Ghul thinks he had the right idea though—the heroes have no jurisdiction in Santa Prisca, so both the Light and the Reach need not resist them. This convinces Black Beetle that every piece of meat on the Light is a coward. After swatting Superboy aside, he stabs Ra's al Ghul at the back, penetrating his chest. Such is the fate of all meat, he muses, after withdrawing his armblade.

Ubu sees Ra's al Ghul being stabbed, and quickly breaks off his battle against Lagoon Boy. Ra's drops the Glamour Charm he was still holding, and slumps into the arms of Ubu. Ubu props his master on his shoulder, and fires a grappling hook into the cave roof opening. Artemis tries to stop him, but he successfully escapes, claiming that the master will be resurrected.

Kid Flash catches Artemis, who was on the receiving end of an Ubu kick. He doesn't know whether to kiss her or to kill her for putting them through all this. She tells him to hold his thought until they're alone, and the pair separate to fight off the Shadows that surround them.

Father vs. son

Father vs. son.

In a section of the cave with a pond, Black Manta is still dumbfounded at Aqualad's betrayal. Aqualad admits to being conflicted, after having seen his father's noble side. Taking out his Water-Bearers, Aqualad says he will stand against his father as long as Black Manta wastes his gifts on villainy. Claiming that he was too permissive and Aqualad needs disciplining, Black Manta puts on his helmet, and shoots Aqualad with an optic blast; the blast is absorbed by a wall of water Aqualad conjures.

Lagoon Boy saves his ex

Lagoon Boy saves his ex.

Meanwhile, Miss Martian is faring poorly against Klarion's fire serpent. The snake catches her in its coils, and prepares to bite into her. In the nick of time, Lagoon Boy jumps into the snake's mouth. He transforms into his pufferfish form while inside, ripping the snake apart and breaking Klarion's spell. He catches Miss Martian, and shields her with his body as they drop on the ground. She thanks him telepathically, and their gazes linger at each other's faces, before breaking off to engage more enemies.

The Brain blasts away at Kid Flash, but is unable to hit the speedster. Impulse joins him, exchanging small talk. Wally compliments his costume, but thought he would be wearing something more yellow and red. He and Artemis will continue their retirement after the invasion is over, and someone needed to continue the family tradition. Impulse is elated at Wally's approval, and proclaims he'll make him proud. Wally tells him to start with the Brain, and Bart complies. He sweeps around the hapless brain and steals away all his weapons, but is suddenly attacked by flying green gorilla. Monsieur Mallah towers menacingly over Bart, and brings his arms to pound him, but Beast Boy transforms into a rhinoceros, and charges the poor gorilla. Mallah is knocked unconscious.

Aquald beats Manta

Aqualad beats Black Manta.

Aqualad and Black Manta continue their battle. Manta thinks Aqualad is too soft, and will teach him to be ruthless, even if he must beat that lesson into his son's skull. Aqualad obliges him, savagely bringing him down with a two-hit combo with a water mace. He tells his unconscious father that the attack was fairly ruthless, and he hoped he was proud.

Black Beetle declares the ambassador unfit

Black Beetle declares the ambassador unfit for his post.

Meanwhile, the ambassador and scientist attempt to beat a hasty retreat, but are intercepted by Blue Beetle, who staples them both to the wall. The Ambassador calls out to Black Beetle for help. After dealing with Wonder Girl, the Reach warrior flies towards the Reach leaders, and informs the ambassador that his orders are moot. Because of his continuous failure, Black Beetle invokes Article 16 of the Reach Planetary Acquisition Code, and declares the ambassador unfit to lead their delegation. He frees the scientist, stating that she may still be of some use. She thanks him, and he spirits her off towards the opened ceiling. Blue Beetle and Miss Martian attempt to intercept them, but he makes his escape after shooting at them.

The battle ends, and the Team is victorious. Despite their success, Aqualad laments that he had hoped to end everything that night, but they still have loose ends. Vandal Savage and Klarion escaped, as did Black Beetle and the head scientist of the Reach; Lex Luthor and Queen Bee never showed, and he expects Ra's al Ghul to return. Nevertheless, Nightwing and Kid Flash reassures him of his victory. He had crippled the Reach, and literally broke the Light in half. Artemis chimes in, saying that he even took out Deathstroke before the summit. Finally, the proceedings were holographically recorded, and the Justice League can be cleared based on the evidence provided.

All is well

The three original sidekicks savor the victory.

Artemis picks up the Glamour Charm that Ra's al Ghul dropped, and unexpectedly receives an enthusiastic hug from Beast Boy. He is elated that she's alive, and Aqualad's not really a traitor. But he fingers Nightwing, demanding that he should not fake anybody's deaths for at least a year. Wally immediately agrees with his sentiment, as did Aqualad after letting out a sigh. Sensing that he is still dispirited at the partial victory, Nightwing and Kid Flash remind him that they just had a very good night—probably the best since their Cadmus outing over five years ago. They tell him to enjoy the moment, because he has truly earned it. Aqualad glances at his still-unconscious father, and his expression softens.

The Warworld
June 19, 04:20 UTC
Black Canary, Captain Marvel and Black Lightning take on Savage

Black Canary, Captain Marvel and Black Lightning take on Savage.

A boom tube opens under the patrolling Reach soldiers, and they are teleported away. In the chamber, Black Canary hears the distinctive noise, and she, Black Lightning and Captain Marvel go on alert. Klarion's portal opens behind them, and Vandal Savage emerges from it. The three leaguers attack him.

The Watchtower
June 19, 05:24 EDT
The Warworld is activated

The Warworld is activated.

Aqualad, now back in his superhero outfit, is congratulated by Aquaman and Red Tornado as Nightwing returns command of the Team to him. He thinks it is unnecessary—Nightwing has done brilliant work under trying circumstances. Dick is adamant however—he wants the burden off his back. A boom tube suddenly appears, expelling unconscious bodies of Captain Marvel, Black Canary, and Black Lightning. The Warworld suddenly activates, and leaves Earth orbit. It rapidly moves off into space, as Nightwing muses whether this is a good thing or not.

New York City
June 19, 05:27 EDT
Tseng rescinds the Reach's invitation

Tseng rescinds the Reach's invitation.

Cat Grant reports live on a press conference called by Captain Atom and the United Nations. After Captain Atom presented new evidence that proves the Reach is an invasion force, Secretary-General Tseng conducted an emergency session of the United Nations. Acting on the result of the unanimous vote, Tseng rescinded the invitation for the Reach to stay on Earth, and demanded that they leave immediately.

Black Beetle and the Scientist watch the press conference from their ship hovering atop the United Nations. The Warworld is gone, presumably under Vandal Savage's control, and the Green Lantern Corps would soon reach Earth. They will leave the planet, but in order to hide evidence of their tampering on Earth, which violates their treaty with the Guardians of the Universe, Black Beetle will destroy it first.


A "summit" generally refers to a "meeting of chiefs of governments or other high officials", which in this sense refers to the meeting between the Light and the Reach. It can also signify the "highest point of a place", which contrasts with the place where the meeting was being held: in an underground cave. Finally, and figuratively speaking, it can refer to the "climax of an event", alluding to the point where the the Team's long term plan to infiltrate the Light and torpedo their plans finally comes to fruition.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Oded Fehr Ra's al Ghul
Miguel Ferrer Vandal Savage
Kevin Grevioux Black Beetle
Logan Grove Beast Boy
Phil LaMarr Ambassador
Stephanie Lemelin Tigress
Jason Marsden Impulse
Vanessa Marshall Black Canary
Jesse McCartney Nightwing
Danica McKellar Miss Martian
Masasa Moyo Scientist
Cat Grant
Khary Payton Aqualad
Black Manta
Jason Spisak Kid Flash
Fred Tatasciore Deathstroke
Non-speaking roles
Asami Koizumi (picture)
Batman (picture)
Black Lightning
Blue Beetle
Captain Atom
Captain Marvel
Eduardo Dorado Jr. (picture)
G. Gordon Godfrey (picture)
Green Beetle (picture)
Hawkwoman (picture)
John Stewart (picture)
Krolotean (picture)
Lagoon Boy
Lobo (picture)
Martian Manhunter (picture)
Monsieur Mallah
Red Tornado
Rocket (picture)
Superman (picture)
Tseng Dangun
Tye Longshadow (picture)
Virgil Hawkins (picture)
Wonder Girl
Wonder Woman (picture)
Zatanna (picture)
Full credits
0 Character debut
0 Speaking debut
1 Episode debut


  • The ambassador demands the Light to explain how the Team had access to the Bialyan temple (which allowed them to liberate Blue Beetle and Green Beetle from the Reach's control) in "Intervention".
  • Vandal Savage reminds the ambassador that nobody has done more, or sacrificed more for the Light and the Reach, than Kaldur'ahm.  He is referring to Aqualad's actions in gathering the Kroloteans ("Alienated"), killing Artemis and kidnapping Lagoon Boy ("Depths"), and destroying Mount Justice while kidnapping Blue Beetle, Impulse, and Beast Boy ("Darkest"), as well as the shattering of his psyche by Miss Martian ("Before the Dawn").
  • The scientist reminds the ambassador that she wanted to study Blue Beetle's Scarab to determine the cause of its malfunctioning, in "Before the Dawn".
  • Ra's al Ghul remarks that the Reach popularity is at its lowest, alluding to the ambassador's public embarrassment on live television in "The Hunt", when G. Gordon Godfrey confronted the ambassador about the fleet of battle ships they had been hiding from public knowledge. He also mentions the low sales of the Reach drink meant to enslave the populace, which the Team found out about in "The Fix".
  • Vandal Savage also points out that the Reach allowed the group of runaways, whose Meta-Genes they enhanced, to rescue the Team that was being held captive in the Warworld. This also took place in "The Hunt".
  • The ambassador announces that Black Beetle has been summoned from his post guarding the Warworld's key chamber, to which he was assigned in "Intervention".
  • Savage mentions the attack that the Light forced the six Leaguers to make on Rimbor, when they were under their thrall in "Auld Acquaintance", and the fact that because of it, they are now on trial there, ever since "Alienated" and as seen in "War".
  • The ambassador states that the Green Lanterns are not allowed to interfere with Reach affairs, because they have been officially welcomed to stay on Earth. John Stewart had explained this in "War".
  • Ra's al Ghul realizes that Tigress was using a Glamour Charm and unmasks her. He later surmises that the spell must have been cast by Zatanna or Doctor Fate. It was in fact made by Zatanna, as revealed in "Depths", and Artemis has been using it ever since. The Light and the Reach also conclude that her death in that episode was staged by her and Aqualad.
  • In Aqualad's holographic recording, he reveals that it was the Reach who contracted Lobo to capture or kill the Krolotean posing as Tseng. He also mentions the Light's survival of the fittest plan to place Earth as the ruling epicenter of the cosmos, which Savage explained in "Auld Acquaintance". Finally, he reveals that the Light kept the runaway teens away from the Reach's grasp, which Lex Luthor did in "Runaways", and that they also orchestrated Godfrey's exposing the Reach's lies in "The Hunt" and thus turning public opinion against them.
  • Vandal Savage states that he's grown tired of the Team's interference.  The Team threw a major monkey wrench in his plan during "Auld Acquaintance ", although this was not sufficient to derail his ultimate plan.
  • Kid Flash addresses "Vandy " with familiarity, asking if he missed him. They met face-to-face and fought briefly in "Coldhearted".
  • Black Beetle admonishes the ambassador for his failures. He had previously confided his disapproval of the latter's tactics to Green Beetle in "Intervention".
  • Nightwing recalls when he, Aqualad and Kid Flash broke into Cadmus "five plus years ago", referencing to the events of the first episode, "Independence Day". Given that it took place on July 4, 2010, it was five years and 351 days ago.


"Summit" garnered an average of 1,858 million viewers.[2]


  • This episode ranked #8 on the most downloaded episode of the Top TV Episodes chart upon its release,[3] making it the second episode, after "Before the Dawn", to make it to the all TV genres chart.
  • Number 16: Black Beetle relieves the ambassador from his leadership under the auspices of Article 16 from the "Reach Planetary Acquisition Code".
  • The symbol on Black Beetle's chest repulsor bears a striking resemblance to the DC Comics villain Brainiac's signature emblem.
  • Black Manta's line to Aqualad, "[...] even if I must beat that lesson into your skull", echoes what Demona said to her past-self, "If I must beat this lesson into you, so be it", in the episode "Vows" of Gargoyles, also produced by Greg Weisman.
  • This episode takes place on June 19, which, according to the 2016 calendar, is the third Sunday of the month, and thus Father's Day. This gives a deeper relevance to the fight between Aqualad and Black Manta.
  • This episode is featured on Young Justice: Invasion – Game of Illusions: Season 2 Part 2.


  • After Black Beetle has formed his chest cannon, the thick black lines on his chest are miscolored blue with a thin black line. They appear black again in the next shot.
  • After the League of Shadows assassins jump down and ambush the heroes, the cave doors are open again.
  • Before Artemis is shot, she has her sword strapped to her back and has a crossbow in her hands, though when she falls down after being shot, she has neither. The crossbow could have easily been dropped off screen—though wider shots reveal that there is nothing lying on the ground—but the sword should have been there since it's strapped to her back. She remains swordless until Black Beetle pierces Ra's al Ghul. The shot of her looking shocked at the scene depicts her carrying her sword again.
  • When Ubu, who was struggling with Lagoon Boy in pufferfish mode, noticed Ra's al Ghul's stabbing, Lagoon Boy's face was miscolored red.
  • When Ubu claimed that "the master will be resurrected", his mouth is open and unmoving.
  • When Wally and Artemis hug, Kid Flash's symbol on his chest is mirrored.
  • When Wally skids to a halt with Artemis in his arms after she was kicked down by Ubu, her neck clothing briefly disappears.
  • When Kaldur'ahm brought up his spike club mace to knock Black Manta out cold, the fake blood on his chest is absent. It returns in the next shot, though when he looms over his father to tell him that he believed his action was ruthless, it is absent again.
  • When Kaldur'ahm is watching the unconscious form of his father, Black Manta is facing away from him with a grimace on his face. After Kaldur'ahm had a conversation with Nightwing and the others and glances back to his father, Black Manta is facing the ceiling with a peaceful look on his face.


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Answered questions


  • Black Manta: No agreement exists that makes a slave of Black Manta.
  • Black Beetle: No agreement exists that guarantees the life of Black Manta.
  • Black Manta: Manta guarantees that himself.

  • Vandal Savage: Kill them all. Superboy may present a problem, but we'll deal with him when the other children lie bleeding on the ground.
  • Aqualad: Still you refer to us as children. No wonder our successes mount. You consistently underestimate us.

  • Kid Flash: I so wanna kiss you now. Or maybe kill you for putting us through all this!
  • Artemis: Hold that thought. You can decide later, when we're alone.

  • Black Manta: Ignorant boy! This is not a world, a universe, in which a free man can afford to be soft. I will teach you to be ruthless, Kaldur'ahm, even if I must beat that lesson into your skull.


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