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Miss Martian and Superboy

During October 2010, Superboy and the Team faced great challenges as they fought the Injustice League and Red Volcano, got to the root of Red Tornado's "betrayal" and made a new friend in Zatanna. A training simulation gone wrong let Conner experience his greatest wish while leaving his friends devastated, and a brush with Intergang, Desaad and the Forever People helped him discover that Sphere was much more than she appeared.

History Edit

Mount Justice
October 1, 18:13 EDT

Batman assigned the Team to go after the Injustice League while the Justice League dealt with their mutated plants.[1]

Bayou Bartholomew
October 1, 18:52 CDT

Superboy and the Team arrived at the Injustice League's headquarters in the Bio-Ship. Count Vertigo brought it down forcing the Team to abandon it in the swamp. Superboy fought against Ultra-Humanite, before the Justice League came in and forced the villains to surrender.[1]

Mount Justice
October 10, 16:58 EDT

The Team was having a private psychic conversation discussing Red Tornado. Zatanna noticed that they were speaking telepathically and Superboy took the opportunity to demand information about what the League knew about Red Tornado—which was nothing. The Team decided to go looking for him themselves, and they took Zatanna with them.[2]

Belle Reve
October 10, 18:35 EDT

The Team interrogated Professor Ivo at Belle Reve for the location of T.O. Morrow's base. Zatanna used her magic to force him to blurt out the address.[2]

Yellowstone National Park
October 10, 20:22 MDT

The Team headed for Teton County. They were met by Red Tornado, who tried to warn the Team of his younger brother Red Volcano, but the latter caught on immediately. Volcano had all of Tornado's memories and was able to trounce the Team. The other Reds arrived on the scene and defeated Volcano at the cost of their "lives", though Superboy managed to save Red Tornado from melting in lava.[2]

Mount Justice
October 16, 16:01 EDT

The Team took part in a psychic training exercise meant to simulate an unwinnable attack on Earth. However, Miss Martian's telepathic powers caused things to spiral out of control after Artemis "died". Superboy himself "died" later when he allowed the Team to enter the mothership. Because of Miss Martian's hold over her teammates, Superboy slipped into a coma rather than waking up. Martian Manhunter ended the simulation by "killing" Miss Martian.[3]

Mount Justice
October 16, 16:21 EDT

Once the simulation was over, Superboy was the first to defend Miss Martian from the statement that she was the cause of the failure of the simulation.[3]

Mount Justice
October 23, 17:21 EDT

Still reeling from the training exercise that had nearly killed him and the others, Superboy walked out on his psychology session with Black Canary and went joy riding with Wolf and Sphere, with Sphere transforming into a motorcycle-like vehicle.[4]

Eastern Seaboard
October 23, 18:04 EDT

Over the eastern seaboard, the trio ran into the Forever People who accused Superboy of kidnapping Sphere from New Genesis. Sphere cleared up the misunderstanding and they decided to work together to find the rest of their stolen technology. Motherbox tracked it to Metropolis where it was being used by Intergang to break into the Metropolis Federal Reserve.

The group forced Intergang back to their base where the Forever People's secret weapon, Infinity-Man was taken over by a Fatherbox. Sphere took back control of Infinity-Man and allowed it to be piloted by Superboy. After Desaad damaged Sphere and forced her back to Apokolips the Forever People used their Motherbox to begin repairing her and intended to bring her back to New Genesis to finish the repairs.

Superboy however stated that he and Sphere bonded and that she should stay on earth with him. Once back at Mount Justice, Superboy resumed his psychology session with Black Canary. There, he admitted that he felt at peace inside the simulation, as he finally knew what it was like to be Superman, and that he was now feeling guilty about it.[4]

Mount Justice
October 31, 19:34 EDT

Miss Martian, rather intimately, helped Superboy into his mummy costume for their Halloween dance at Happy Harbor High.[5]

Happy Harbor
October 31, 20:15 EDT

At the dance, Conner noticed that Marvin was playing a prank on the others by creating the impression of a Martian invasion. With the help of Wally and Megan, they made it look like the town was being invaded by Martians to get Marvin to confess to the prank.[5]

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