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Supertown is a floating city on New Genesis and the home of its New Gods.


August 26, 20:20 UTC

The New Gods welcomed a contingent from the Justice League for negotiations with the New Gods and the Green Lantern Corps. The GLC representatives would not arrive for another day. A Bug stole a Ruction Cell form the secure warehouse.[1]

August 26, 23:00 UTC

Highfather had Metron take the Ruction Cell to his Infinity Vault for safekeeping.[1][2]

August 27, 11:50 UTC

Lor-Zod arrived above Supertown in his Time-Sphere.

The talks between the New Gods, the Justice League and the Green Lantern Corps commmenced. Meanwhile, Forager and Forager took in the sights of the city, and Razer met with Metron.[3]

August 27, 14:16 UTC

An enraged Razer fought Metron, causing considerable damage to the city, but Razer later repaired some of it.[3][2]

August 28, 11:43 UTC

Rocket attempted to smooth things over with Orion, unaware she was actually talking to Ma'alefa'ak. The Martian used the encounter to gain intel needed to help Lor-Zod find the Phantom Zone Projector, and they went back in time in their Time-Sphere.

Later, the conference resumed, but continued to go poorly, not helped by interruptions by Bear. Metron later burst into the talks with a dire warning.[2]

August 28, 17:19 UTC

The Foragers discussed their relationship in front of their statues, when Metron and his group returned to organise a defense against Lor-Zod.[4]

August 29, 00:02 UTC

Metron held a meeting with Orion, Rocket, Flash, the Foragers, Kilowog, Tomar-Re and the Forever People to arrange their mission against Lor-Zod.[4]

August 30, 21:00 UTC

The Justice League contingent said their goodbyes to the New Gods and Green Lanterns.[4]

September 06, 04:22 UTC

Ma'alefa'ak infiltrated the city posing as Lightray to learn where the Kaizer-Thrall had been taken. He returned to the camouflaged Bio-Ship holding position near the city, which then left for Oa.[5]

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