Sword of Beowulf

Harm and the Sword of Beowulf, in its sheath.

The Sword of Beowulf is a magical weapon once wielded by the hero Beowulf.


The Sword is a one-handed sword with a wide, double-edged and slightly leaf-shaped blade. It has a round cross-guard with a groove in it, and a spherical pommel, both made of a dark gray metal.

The scabbard is a gray humanoid arm that clasps the cross-guard until the spell is spoken. Near the chape, it changes into a conventional scabbard.[1]


Only the purest of hearts (either pure good or pure evil) could take the sword from its sheath and summon its power with the incantation "abannan afol Beowulf". At its full potential, it lit up gleaming orange, and was able to shoot deadly beams of energy.[1]

Known users


Background information

The Sword of Beowulf is a unique concept for the series, and not easily identifiable with the legends of Beowulf. In the entire saga, he used four swords—his own, Unferth's Hrunting, a sword from Grendel's mother's hoard, and Hrothgar's Nægling. All were destroyed by the end of the saga, and none had apparent magical abilities.


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