This article is about the human T.O. Morrow. For his android replica, see T.O. Morrow (android).

Thomas O. Morrow was once a genius scientist who created three superhero androids to infiltrate and destroy the Justice Society of America.

History Edit

Early life Edit

In the 1940s, T.O. Morrow was a talented scientist who, for uncertain reasons, set out to destroy the Justice Society of America. His first creation was Red Torpedo, an android programmed to think he was human. However, his programming was crude and Red Torpedo failed to successfully infiltrate the Society. Then, Morrow opted to build a female android dubbed Firebrand. This time the programming worked too well, and Firebrand's heroism got her killed while protecting a fellow Society member. So, Morrow decided for a change in approach. He built Red Tornado, and unlike the previous models, this one would know he was an android. Tornado was successfully inducted in the JSA, but his heroic programming developed a Pinocchio complex and he betrayed Morrow for the Society.

Despite three failed attempts, T.O. Morrow refused to yield. The scientist spent the subsequent seven decades pursuing undisclosed ventures, and at some unspecified point he created an android version of himself, presumably to carry on his work.

2010 Edit

Currently, T.O. Morrow is bedridden and hooked to a life-support system. Red Tornado manifested intentions of nursing him, stating that despite the fact that he was evil Thomas is still his father, citing it as the most human thing to do.[1]

Belle Reve
December 4, 22:06 CST

Morrow was transferred to Belle Reve, where his competitor Professor Ivo made it a habit of stopping by daily to make fun of his situation.[3]

Powers and abilities Edit

Genius-level intellect: T.O. Morrow was a genius of the highest caliber, specializing in robotics and cybernetics. He is the creator of the early versions of Red Torpedo, Red Inferno and Red Tornado, as well as of his android duplicate who continues his work.

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