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Miss Martian mind-probing Kaldur'ahm.

Telepathy is a psychic ability to read minds, or to mentally communicate with others, and project the user's thoughts into others.


The G-Gnomes were engineered by Cadmus specifically to possess the power of telepathy.[1] Dubbilex, another genomorph, also possessed telepathy as a by-product of his telekinesis, but he kept this hidden from Cadmus.[2]

On Mars, all Martians use telepathy to communicate and it is considered completely natural. This led to some confusion when Miss Martian first came to Earth, as she did not realize that it was considered a great invasion of privacy.[3]

Nevertheless, she has frequently employed telepathy during missions, allowing messages and images to be sent to other members of the Team over long distances.[4] On covert missions, Miss Martian can link up all the members of the Team so that the thoughts of any member of the Team will be heard by all other members. This prevents enemies from intercepting their communication.[5] She can also use her powers to mentally translate any language.[6] She is also able to put enemies in a catatonic state while forcefully tearing memories from their minds.[7] According to her uncle Martian Manhunter, Miss Martian is the most powerful telepath he has ever encountered.[8]

Known users


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