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This template is to add references from Ask Greg to articles.
Type <ref>{{askgreg|<url id>|<post date>|<retrieved date>}}</ref> or press AG_Button.png to insert the code somewhere.
Sample output (for answers)

Weisman, Greg (2012-02-09). Question #14216. Ask Greg. Retrieved 2013-05-17.

Sample output (for rambles)
<ref>{{askgreg|1048|2013-04-04|2013-05-17|title=ASK GREG LIVE - Correcting the web}}</ref>

Weisman, Greg (2013-04-04). ASK GREG LIVE - Correcting the web. Ask Greg. Retrieved 2013-05-17.

1: Answer/Ramble URL id.
2: The date in which the Answer/Ramble was posted.
3: The date in which the reference was retrieved. If it coincides with parameter 3, then it is not necessary.
title: Only for Rambles.
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