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This template is to add references for Young Justice episodes and tie-in issues.
Type <ref>{{Ep ref|<season and episode number>}}</ref> or press Ep_ref_Button.png to insert the code somewhere.
Sample output (for episodes)
<ref>{{Ep ref|101}}</ref>

Weisman, Greg (writer) & Oliva, Jay (director) (November 26, 2010). "Independence Day". Young Justice. Season 1. Episode 1. Cartoon Network.

Sample output (for issues)
<ref>{{Ep ref|c0}}</ref>

Hopps, Kevin, Greg Weisman (w). Norton, Mike (a). Sinclair, Alex (col). Lanham, Travis (let). McCalister, Michael, Scott Peterson (ed). "Stopover" Young Justice 0 (January 19, 2011), New York, NY: DC Comics

1: The first digit indicates the series' season (1, 2) or the comics issues (c) and the rest indicates the number of the respective episode/issue.
2: This applies for Young Justice: Legacy references only:
Aquagirl = Aquagirl biography
Aqualad = Aqualad biography
Aquaman = Aquaman biography
Artemis = Artemis biography
Bane = Bane biography
Batgirl = Batgirl biography
Batman = Batman biography
Beast Boy = Beast Boy biography
Black Canary = Black Canary biography
Black Manta = Black Manta biography
Blockbuster = Blockbuster biography
Cheshire = Cheshire biography
Green Lantern = Green Lantern biography
Icicle Jr. = Icicle Jr. biography
Kid Flash = Kid Flash biography
Killer Frost = Killer Frost biography
Klarion = Klarion biography
Lex Luthor = Lex Luthor biography
Miss Martian = Miss Martian biography
Nightwing = Nightwing biography
Psimon = Psimon biography
Red Arrow = Red Arrow biography
Red Tornado = Red Tornado biography
Riddler = Riddler biography
Robin = Robin biography
Rocket = Rocket biography
Sportsmaster = Sportsmaster biography
Superboy = Superboy biography
Superman = Superman biography
Tempest = Tempest biography
Tiamat = Tiamat biography
Zatanna = Zatanna biography
l1 = Greece
l2 = Siberia
l3 = Santa Prisca
l4 = Gotham City
l5 = Bialya
j1 = Red Arrow journal #1
j2 = Red Arrow journal #2
j3 = Red Arrow journal #3
j4 = Red Arrow journal #4
j5 = Red Arrow journal #5
j6 = Red Arrow journal #6
j7 = Red Arrow journal #7
j8 = Red Arrow journal #8
j9 = Red Arrow journal #9
j10 = Red Arrow journal #10
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