Teton County

Teton County

Teton County is a county in Wyoming. T.O. Morrow had a secret laboratory under Yellowstone National Park, near Old Faithful.

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Teton County
September 7, 00:16 MDT

After taking Jim Lockhart from Bar Harbor and Firebrand from Queens, T.O. Morrow brought them to his lair, where he removed their artificial skin and reactivated Red Inferno.[1]

Teton County
October 10, 04:23 MDT

While his assistant Brom Stikk looked after Red Torpedo and Red Inferno, Morrow started downloading the memory banks of Red Tornado, who had followed his siblings after their attack on Mount Justice. He also activated Red Volcano, who promptly turned on its master. Volcano set a plan in motion that would cause the super-volcano in Yellowstone to erupt.[2]

Yellowstone National Park
October 10, 20:22 MDT

Red Tornado called on his siblings to stop Volcano before he could defeat the Team and destroy all of humanity. They joined him, and sacrificed themselves to stop Volcano.[2]

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