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"The Fix" is the 13th episode of the second season of Young Justice, and the 39th of the overall series. It was originally scheduled to air on November 3, 2012,[1] but was pushed to a later date in a last minute schedule change that preempted the entire schedule of October.[2] It aired on January 26, 2013.[3]


Black Manta seeks vengeance against Miss Martian.[4]


Atlantic Ocean
April 9, 01:16 EDT
Artemis in doubt

Artemis ponders about her mission.

Tigress is resting in her quarters, thinking to herself about how so much has gone wrong with her undercover mission. Black Manta then requests she come to Kaldur'ahm's quarters. Upon arriving, Tigress learns that Psimon is going to help Kaldur restore his memories. Tigress is then worried that Psimon will learn that she and Kaldur have been working as double agents. Manta tells Tigress not to worry about Kaldur, as he plans to deal with Miss Martian for what she did to his mind. Manta leaves Tigress with Psimon, who starts to mentally prepare himself.

April 9, 00:20 MDT
Martian mind link

Miss Martian and Green Beetle converse.

A number of Team members are with Adam Strange and Green Beetle at STAR Labs. Green Beetle tells Miss Martian it's fine to read his mind to verify his background but Miss Martian is hesitant. Nightwing says it's the only way to be sure of Green Beetle's intentions, so Miss Martian reluctantly agrees. As she establishes a mental link with Green Beetle, he realizes that Miss Martian had a previous negative experience with a mental probe and telepathically tells her that he is willing to simply volunteer his recent memories to her. After completing her mental probe, Miss Martian tells the Team that Green Beetle is honest about his intentions.

Psimon sedated

Tigress sedates Psimon.

Fearing discovery of their covert operation, Tigress secretly shoots a small dart at Psimon's neck. As Psimon begins his procedure with Kaldur, he becomes dizzy, then lashes out at Tigress. He deduces Tigress had used a sedative against him and learns that she is really Artemis. But before he can do anything else, he passes out. Manta, who had witnessed Psimon's action on a monitor, rushes in and Tigress tells him she didn't know what happened, asking if it's possible Miss Martian had left a telepathic virus in Kaldur's mind.

After Manta concludes any other telepath could have the same problem, Tigress suggests Miss Martian may be the only one who can help and that she be allowed to capture her and force her to restore Kaldur's memories. Manta agrees, but saying Miss Martian has proven to be dangerous, tells Tigress that Deathstroke will accompany her.

A commercial airs for the fruit drinks that LexCorp and the Reach are producing.

Reach drink

"Reach for a Reach"

Green Beetle explains that the Reach fruit drink contains an additive that addicts the populace to the beverage and makes them placid, which Nightwing says was the same conclusion the Atom and Flash reached. Sensing that Nightwing does not yet fully trust him, Green Beetle adds that the additive also allows the Reach to track individuals with active Meta-Genes, which Nightwing realizes would allow the Reach an easier task of harvesting and weaponizing the Meta-Gene. Blue Beetle asks if this information should be made public but Nightwing says it's best to wait for now given the damage to the Justice League's credibility. With the briefing completed, Nightwing asks if Green Beetle needs a place to stay and Beetle, taking a human form, says he will find a place in Taos. Lagoon Boy asks to speak with Miss Martian, who says he can come with her to Chicago to her uncle's apartment. After everyone has left but Blue Beetle and Green Beetle, the two pause and look at each other.
April 9, 06:20 CDT
Chicago ambush

Deathstroke and Tigress ambush Miss Martian.

La'gaan and Miss Martian arrive in Chicago, but La'gaan loses his patience and confronts Miss Martian on why she has been avoiding him and about her relationship with Conner. Miss Martian tries to reassure La'gaan until they are ambushed by Tigress and Deathstroke. Tigress telepathically explains to Miss Martian that she needs her help to save Kaldur. Deathstroke injures La'gann and Tigress takes down Miss Martian, with Deathstroke slapping an inhibitor collar on Miss Martian. Nightwing and Superboy arrive as Tigress and Deathsroke depart with Miss Martian in the Manta-Flyer.

Blue and Green Beetle both depart STAR Labs. Jaime says he is worried about the prophecy hanging over his head and would do anything to prevent it. B'arzz O'oomm suggests training and meditation, but when Jaime presses him further, B'arzz tells him that he used his Martian abilities to ensure his Scarab could not take control. Jaime asks B'arzz if he could do the same for his Scarab, and when B'arzz is reluctant to do so, Jaime insists on it.

Miss Martian captured

Black Manta orders the captive Miss Martian.

Miss Martian awakens aboard the Manta-Sub, where Manta orders her to restore Kaldur's memories. He informs her that Deathstroke is following with the Flyer, out of her telepathic range, and observing the procedure. Manta says Deathstroke will disable the collar's affect on Miss Martian's telepathic abilities, but he will trigger a bomb on the collar if he suspects her of using that ability for any other reason. Manta leaves Tigress with M'gann and Kaldur. M'gann telepathically tells Artemis that her intrusion might be perceived by Kaldur's mind as a threat, so Artemis tells M'gann to take her into Kaldur's mind as well.
Kaldur's broken memories are represented by Atlantis in ruins. M'gann has to remind Artemis the two are not really underwater, but then the two are attacked by Tula.
Nightwing and Superboy are with Lagoon Boy at a hospital in Chicago. An angry Lagoon Boy insists on rescuing M'gann, saying he will not abandon her to Kaldur.
Angry Lagoon Boy

Lagoon Boy is angry.

Nightwing then reveals to the other two that Kaldur has been working in deep cover, that they faked Artemis's death and that she is posing as Tigress. Having mourned Artemis and tried to hurt Kaldur, Lagoon Boy is furious at the deception, but Superboy tells him that Nightwing must have had a good reason for keeping the information secret. As the two depart Lagoon Boy's hospital room, Nightwing thanks Superboy for backing him up, but Superboy sternly replies that, because M'gann thought Kaldur had killed Artemis, she fried Kaldur's mind when she encountered him on the Reach ship. He adds that Nightwing's secrets have put the lives of M'gann and Artemis at stake.
Inside Kaldur's mind, M'gann is having difficulty overcoming Tula's attacks, forcing Artemis to act. Artemis finds Aqualad, whose facial features are missing. Artemis is able to convince Aqualad that his fractured memories can be restored. M'gann, meanwhile, is losing against Tula, blaming herself for what happened, but Artemis arrives with Aqualad, whose facial features are now restored. M'gann apologizes to Aqualad and joins with him to begin piecing his mind back together.
Repairing Kaldur's mind

Miss Martian begins to fix Kaldur's mind.

Tigress's thoughts are interrupted as Black Manta puts a hand on her shoulder. He says it has been six hours since Miss Martian started the process. Miss Martian stops the process long enough to tell Manta it could take some time for her to finish. Manta accuses Miss Martian of stalling, but then Kaldur recognizes his father, thus Manta realizes Miss Martian is making progress. He asks to speak privately with Tigress, and when they leave Kaldur's quarters, Manta tells Tigress he plans to kill Miss Martian after she has finished restoring Kaldur's mind.

Outside STAR Labs, Impulse comes upon Blue and Green Beetle. He intervenes, suspicious about Green Beetle touching Jaime's Scarab, but Jaime tells him that Green Beetle was successfully able to silence the Scarab and give Jaime full control over it.


The word "fix" has several meanings beside the more obvious, repairing. Two repair processes take place in this episode: Kaldur'ahm's mental restoration, and Blue Beetle's scarab control. "Fix" can also mean "a desperate situation", which aptly describes the risk of Artemis's and Kaldur's true alliance being discovered, as well as Miss Martian's imprisonment and emotional state. A third meaning is a shot of an addictive substance, such as the Reach energy drink.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Phil LaMarr Green Beetle
Stephanie Lemelin Tigress/Artemis
Eric Lopez Blue Beetle
Yuri Lowenthal Lagoon Boy
Jason Marsden Impulse
Lead Singer  
Jesse McCartney Nightwing
Danica McKellar Miss Martian
Back-Up Singer  
Wentworth Miller Deathstroke  
Nolan North Superboy
Khary Payton Black Manta
Alan Tudyk Psimon
Stephanie Lemelin Computer
Non-speaking roles
Adam Strange
G. Gordon Godfrey
Full credits
2 Character debut
1 Speaking debut
0 Episode debut


  • Psimon remarks about his personal experience with Miss Martian's psychic attack, referencing his encounter with her in "Image", which left him in a deep catatonic state.
  • Miss Martian is reluctant to use her telepathy to establish a mind-link with Green Beetle as she still feels guilty for psychically attacking Aqualad in "Before the Dawn".
  • Black Manta and Tigress plan to kidnap Miss Martian and force her to repair the damage done to Kaldur'ahm's mind after its mental destruction in "Before the Dawn".
  • The Reach energy drink, which was introduced in "True Colors", is explained in this episode.
  • Lagoon Boy asks about M'gann not returning her calls and spending more time with Superboy, which was shown in "Cornered".
  • Nightwing tells Lagoon Boy and Superboy about Aqualad being in deep cover and that Artemis's death was faked so she could join him as first revealed in "Depths".


"The Fix" garnered an average of 1,935 million viewers.[5]


Language translations

Language Line Translation
Atlantean Kaldur'ahm: Keh eh-GO, keh eh-GO… [...] And I, and I…[6]
Kaldur'ahm: [...] Udam-OS en keh-RO teh-LES-so... I'll never finish in time...[6]
Kaldur'ahm: LIHS-soh-meh, Artemis. LIHS-soh-meh! Please, Artemis. Please![6]
Artemis: Sim-bih-OH-se! Together![6]


  • When Deathstroke is revealed, his sword appears to be unsheathed (or mis-colored in white). But on the next frame, the blade is in its sheath (or colored as such).


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  • Did Psimon learn anything else other than Tigress's true identity?


  • Deathstroke: We hate to interrupt such poignant interspecies romance, but we have pressing business with the Martian.

  • Tigress: Deathstroke can't suspect I'm on your side, and neither can La'gaan, so I need you to make this abduction look good.

(after Miss Martian nearly hits Tigress with a junk car)

  • Tigress: You don't have to make it look that good.

  • Deathstroke: See, calling for help like that just pushes up the timetable. Now I can't savor the battle.

  • Deathstroke: Now, that leg doesn't look good. You know, I hate to see any poor animal suffer. You aren't on the Light's hit list. So how about a little anesthetic... for the pain? (knocks him out)

  • Superboy: You don't leave a guy a lot of options. You have no idea what your secrets have done to us.

  • Artemis: I knew I should have paid more attention in my freshman Atlantean class.


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