Flaming C

The Team watches the show

The Flaming C is a television show. The Team has watched it on occasion.[1]

Background information

  • The Flaming C is a parody superhero, created by Conan O'Brien and Bruce Timm for O'Brien's late-night talk show Conan. The character was modeled loosely on O'Brien himself, with a costume thought up by O'Brien, and illustrated by Timm. The creators of Young Justice have since produced several short videos, splicing The Flaming C into footage from Young Justice episodes. These videos have been shown on Conan.
  • There have been four clips of The Flaming C thus far, with Bruce Greenwood providing the voice of the title character. They reuse adapt footage from "Fireworks", "Schooled", "Denial" and "Welcome to Happy Harbor"
  • At least two students dressed up as the Flaming C for Happy Harbor High School's Halloween Party.[2]
  • The Flaming C's status as a character in Young Justice is questionable. Greg Weisman had stated that "Conan O'Brien/Flaming C" is not canon,[3] though a year later, he stated Conan O'Brien does exist on Earth-16.[4] Whether this means Flaming C is a fictional hero on Earth-16 like he is on our Earth, or Conan and the Flaming C are not related to each other, is unknown.

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