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The Light is a council comprised of seven self-proclaimed enlightened members whose primary goal is to precipitate mankind's next evolutionary step, thus placing it on the center stage of the cosmos.


Early history

The origin of the group dates back to the second millennium BCE, when Vandal Savage, who was then known as the Babylonian demigod hero Marduk, and his daughter Ishtar saved their city from an invader. For their heroic feet in leading their people through their darkest hour, the duo became henceforth known as "The Light". Over the following centuries, the group came and went as needed.[1]

The most recent iteration of the group was founded somewhere between 2006 and 2007, after the Justice League was publicly announced,[2][3] to counteract the latter's role in preserving society's "calcified status quo". According to Savage, the League inhibited mankind by protecting it from disaster, crime, and tragedy—factors needed for humanity to evolve.

To counteract this, the Light created or co-opted networks of operatives, placed key individuals in key positions, and explored the boundaries of all new technology. Genetic engineering, biochemical engineering, robotics, nano-robotics, techno-sorcery, and all conceivable methods of mind control were all explored by the Light in its quest to accelerate human evolution. A resurgent Earth "taking its rightful place at the center of the cosmos" appears to be the Light's ultimate goal.[4]

The Light used to communicate with their operatives through separate screens obscured by bright white light in order to conceal their identities.

The identities of the leaders were known only to a very select group of individuals that worked with them.[5] They maintained their individual bases, as well as a central headquarters in Khüiten Peak.[6][7]


The Light has masterminded several key events, including:



  • Assembling their Krolotean partners in Malina Island, in order to destroy them with one fell swoop.[25]
  • Replacing the disgraced Ocean-Master with Black Manta.[25]
  • Abducting humans for their new partner.[28]
  • Destroying an Earth-Mars communication satellite, in part as a test of loyalty for Aqualad.[29]
  • Sending agents to infiltrate Mount Justice, and spirit away Blue Beetle.[30]
  • Replacing Sportsmaster with Deathstroke.[6]
  • Pulling strings to ensure four meta-powered teenagers would not fall into the clutches of the Reach[31]
  • Secretly forcing the revelation of the Reach's hidden fleet by goading an alien warlord to destroy the Earth[32]
  • Using the media to manipulate public opinion against the Reach[32]
  • Empowering teenage operatives to liberate Reach captives,[33][34] to allow their enforcer to spirit away the Warworld's crystal key,[34]
  • Allowing the Reach's enemies to use Light-controlled territory to cleanse the Reach's agents, in order to weaken them further[35]
  • Despite publicly partnering with the Reach to distribute a drink laced with an additive designed to render humans subservient in a few generations,[6] secretly adding a neutralizing agent to prevent the same.[36]
  • Orchestrating a summit designed to lure the Reach's head of security from his post.[36]
  • Creating a virus designed to crash Reach technology.[37]

The Light's plans were thrown into disarray following Aqualad's successful deep-cover infiltration:

  • Aqualad revealed to the Reach that the Light had arranged to bring Earth to their attention, was using them for their own ends and was responsible for their recent set-backs. This resulted in the immediate dissolution of the Light's partnership with the Reach.[36]
  • Following the revelation and subsequent battle with the Team, the Light was splintered into several factions:
    • Key members and operatives, including the Brain, Black Manta, Monsieur Mallah, and Deathstroke were captured.[36]
    • Ra's al Ghul was mortally wounded in the fracas; although he would be resurrected, it would take time before he could once again return to the forefront.[36]
    • Lex Luthor and Queen Bee were largely unaffected,[36] with Luthor even earning accolades for helping the heroes of Earth save it from certain destruction.[37]
    • Vandal Savage and Klarion escaped to the Warworld and left Earth[36] for Rimbor, and subsequently, Apokolips. Savage's confidence, however, left no doubt that the Light remained resilient, and though weakened, will continue to play a part in events.[37]


  • Replacing Ra's al Ghul, Brain, and Black Manta with Deathstroke, Ultra-Humanite, and Gretchen Goode.
  • Making Lady Shiva the Light's new enforcer.
  • Creating meta-human trafficking rings in order to supply the Light with an army of meta-teens which are transported to the Orphanage for safe-keeping.
  • Lex Luther getting elected as U.N. secretary-general in order to put restrictions on the league and turn public opinion against them.
  • Supply meta-teens to alien agents in order to cause turmoil across planets like Rann, New Genesis and Thanagar.
  • Saving the Earth from a Starro invasion using the Warworld.
  • Hiring Lobo to kill Forager to find out about Nightwing's team.
  • Making Terra a spy for the League of Shadows in order to gather information about the league.
  • Sending Onslaught to capture meta-teens from the Meta-Human Youth Center.
  • Klarion conducting Project Rutabaga.
  • The League of Shadows orchestrating a B.I.F. attack in Bwunda in order to make the Outsiders look bad.


  • Having Ultra-Humanite capture Halo with help from Helga Jace.
  • Giving Terra an antidote chip so she and Geo-Force could break free from Helga's control chips and be kept exactly where they want them.
  • Creating Infinity, Inc. to become more popular than the Outsiders.
  • Giving the Team coordinates to the Orphanage to stop Granny Goodness from using the Anti-Life Equation.
  • Breaking Baron Bedlam out of jail in order to take over Markovia.
  • Having Terra kill Beast Boy on live TV in order to pass meta registration laws, thus declaring the league outlaws and supplying the Light with meta-humans under their control.
  • Replacing Gretchen Goode with Zviad Baazovi.
  • Turning Geo-Force against the Team and Outsiders in order to take control of Markovia.


  • Having Brion allow Meta-Humans into Markovia willing in order to add them to their ranks.
  • Having Cassandra Savage pretend to join The Team in order to steal information from the League's computer system.


There are seven members of the Light; the original seven were designated by codenames from L-1 to L-7.



  • Darkseid: The Light formed an alliance with Darkseid prior to allying themselves with the Kroloteans and the Reach. The objective of the alliance is currently unknown. However, Darkseid supplied the Light with Apokoliptan technology such as the Fatherbox and otherworldly weapons.[37][40]

Former members

  • L-2 was Ra's al Ghul:[nb 5][41] At some point between 2016 and 2018, Ra's decided he didn't want to be part of the Light anymore and left the organization.[42]
  • L-5 was Ocean-Master.[nb 6] At some point, his was imprisoned after his identity as Prince Orm from Atlantis was exposed, prompting the Light to cut ties with him. Years later, when he attempted avenge himself on the League, the Light killed him to avoid possible retaliation.
  • L-6 was the Brain.[nb 7]
  • L-8[38] was Black Manta: Originally an agent of Ocean-Master,[16] Black Manta officially replaced the latter after succeeding in destroying the Kroloteans.[25] At some point, he was expelled from the organization.
  • L-11[38] was Gretchen Goode: She was expelled from the group after overstepping her bounds and being undermined.

Former allies

  • Tiamat: The Light awakened Tiamat in hopes of using it as a weapon sometime between 2011 and 2015. Tiamat was destroyed after Aquagirl performed an ancient ritual at the cost of her own life.
  • The Kroloteans: The Light formed an alliance with the Kroloteans some time between 2011 and 2016. The Light supplied the Kroloteans with logistical and operational suppor, but later betrayed them to form an alliance with the Kroloteans' competitor.[25]
  • The Reach:[43] A competitor of the Kroloteans in the market for weaponized Meta-Genes.[25] The Light's faux alliance with the Reach was dissolved after Kaldur'ahm exposed the Light's secret undermining of the Reach's invasion.[36]


Note: This list includes only individuals that have been confirmed to have communicated with the Light directly, whether this occurred on-screen or was confirmed through dialogue.

Former operatives



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