The Moon

The Moon as seen from Earth.

The Moon is the natural satellite of the Earth.

History Edit

2015 Edit

The Moon
December 1, 15:31 UTC

Kylstar set up a base on the Moon, and stored his collection of kidnapped warriors there, including Captain Atom, Captain Marvel, Draaga, Major Force, Superboy, Superman and Wonder Woman.[1]

The Moon
December 1, 15:52 UTC

Captain Atom freed himself and several of the others.[1]

The Moon
December 1, 16:16 UTC

As the free heroes deliberated, Kylstar received news his assets had come loose.[1]

The Moon
December 1, 17:13 UST

The heroes came to a window and discovered, to their dismay, that they were being held captive on the Moon.[2]

The Moon
December 1, 19:36 UCT

The heroes had difficulty getting their bearings in the crystalline corridors. Captain Marvel came up with a plan to find the teleporters that brought them to the Moon, but the next moment the group was teleported inside a cell. They were addressed by Orb-One, providing translation for First Leader Kylstar, who told them they would remain where they were during their journey. Kylstar's ship then lifted off from the surface of the Moon and headed into space.[2]

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Background information Edit

  • In the comics, the Justice League had their base on the moon until is was destroyed in Infinite Crisis.
  • For his previous series Gargoyles, Greg Weisman admitted the moon was always portrayed as full unless it was important to the plot.[3] This seems to be the case for Young Justice too, as to date, only "Schooled", "Disordered", "Insecurity" and "True Colors" showed non-full moons.
Episode Date Moon seen Correct
"The Pendulum" February 28, 2010 Full Full
"Fireworks" July 4, 2010 Full Third quarter
"Welcome to Happy Harbor" July 7, 2010 Full Waning crescent
"Drop-Zone" July 22, 2010 Full Waning gibbous
"Schooled" August 3, 2010 Waning crescent Third quarter
"Infiltrator" August 8, 2010 Not seen Waning crescent (almost new)
"Bereft" Sept. 3, 2010 Full Waning crescent
"Common Denominators" Sept. 12, 2010 Waxing crescent Waxing crescent
"Alpha Male" Sept. 23, 2010 Full Full
"Monkey Business" Sept. 26, 2010 Waning gibbous, later full Waning gibbous/full
"Disordered" October 23, 2010 Waning crescent Full
"Secrets" October 31, 2010 Full Waning crescent
"Misplaced" November 5, 2010 Full Waning crescent (almost new)
"Insecurity" December 4, 2010 Waning crescent Waning crescent (almost new)
December 5, 2010
"Performance" December 22, 2010 Full Full
"Happy New Year" January 1, 2016 Full Waning gibbous
January 4, 2016 Waning crescent
"Salvage" February 13, 2016 Full Waxing crescent
"Beneath" February 18, 2016 Full Waxing gibbous
February 19, 2016
"Depths" March 19, 2016 Not seen Waxing gibbous
"Darkest" March 23, 2016 Full Full
"Before the Dawn" March 31, 2016 Full Waning gibbous
"Cornered" April 1, 2016 Full Third quarter
"True Colors" April 8, 2016 Waning crescent Waxing crescent (almost new)
"Runaways" May 13, 2016 Full Waxing crescent (almost first quarter)
"War" May 23, 2016 Full Full
"The Hunt" May 29, 2016 Not seen Third quarter
"Summit" June 18, 2016 Full Waxing gibbous (almost full)
"Endgame" July 4, 2016 Full New

References Edit

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