The Moon as seen from Earth.

The Moon is the natural satellite of the Earth.


The Moon
December 1, 15:31, UTC Time Zone

Kylstar set up a base on the Moon, and sotred his collection of kidnapped warriors there, including Captain Atom, Captain Marvel, Draaga, Major Force, Superboy, Superman and Wonder Woman.[1]

The Moon
December 1, 15:52, UTC Time Zone

Captain Atom freed himself and several of the others.[1]

The Moon
December 1, 16:16, UTC Time Zone

As the free heroes deliberated, Kylstar received news his assets had come loose.[1]


    Background in other media

    • In the comics, the Justice League had their base on the moon until is was destroyed in Infinite Crisis.
    • For his previous series Gargoyles, Greg Weisman admitted the moon was always portrayed as full unless it was important to the plot.[2] This seems to be the case for Young Justice too, as to date, only "Schooled" and "Insecurity" showed non-full moons.


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