The Wests' House

The West family's living room.

The Wests' house is the home of the West family.

History Edit

2010 Edit

Central City
July 5, 05:17:16 CDT

After freeing Superboy later in the day with Robin and Aqualad, Kid Flash invited Superboy over to stay with him.[1]

Central City
July 7, 10:09:16 CDT

After having done little in two days, Mary West kicked her son and Superboy out of the house to go clothes shopping. They stopped a robbery by the Terror Twins at the Central City Mall.[1]

Central City
August 27, 20:05 CDT

Three generations of Flashes celebrated Jay Garrick's birthday at the West family house.[2]

Central City
November 6, post-00:01 CDT

After being separated in different dimensions for a day by a spell from Klarion, Wally rushed home to check on his parents.[3]

Central City
November 11, 07:16 CST

On Wally's birthday, his mother made him a giant breakfast. As heavy artificial snow storms brought the nation to a halt, his school had declared it a snow day.[4]

Central City
November 11, post-19:08 CST

Rudy and Mary watched Iris West-Allen report on GBS News that the last ice fortress had been destroyed, and that Queen Perdita had died on the operating table despite the best efforts of Kid Flash and the Seattle Medical Center.[4]

2016 Edit

Central City
June 20, 22:16 CDT

After Wally died saving the world, Artemis visited the Wests. She didn't say a word, but started crying as soon as they opened the door. Mary and Rudy hugged her, and comforted her on the porch.[5]

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