Thomas "Tom" Kalmaku is a technician at Ferris Aircraft.

Physical appearance Edit

Thomas is a young Inuit man with black hair and dark brown eyes. He usually wears a white coat with a blue shirt and black tie underneath, and has a communicator at his left ear.

History Edit

2010 Edit

Cape Canaveral
August 19, 20:48 EDT

Carol Ferris asked Tom to scrub the launch of a rocket with research technology after she noticed Batman and Robin fight the League of Shadows at the launch pad. Tom discovered that the systems were hacked, and that he could not stop the countdown.[2]

2016 Edit

Cape Canaveral
March 19, post-20:59 EDT

Tom helped with the launch of the new Earth-Mars communications satellite. Fifty-two minutes before the scheduled launch, he reported all systems were ready. Mere minutes later, as a battle between the Team and Manta Troopers raged on the beach nearby, Tom asked Carol to abort. Carol declined, and instead brought down the countdown to two minutes. It launched safely, but to the shock of Tom and Carol, the rocket exploded in the air.[3]

Appearance Edit

Background information Edit

  • In the comics, Thomas "Pieface" Kalmaku is a mechanic at Ferris Aircraft, and a good friend of Hal Jordan. He discovered his secret identity as Green Lantern because both men had the same right hook.
  • This is Thomas Kalmaku's second animated appearance. He had a small cameo in Justice League: The New Frontier.

References Edit

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