• Reg I was just wandering, what happened to the DC Nation wiki you had? Last thing I saw was you arguing with Kriss, or something (whatever his name was).

    Also, I just became a GL:TAS fan (started watching it like a week ago, and it's really good) and went to GL:TAS Wiki and noticed you are the founder. Props. man!

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    • :D Long time, no see

      The DC Nation Wiki is still there. Everyone just kinda left, including Kris. Oh and thanks but, I no longer work on GLTAS wiki anymore. Things didn't turn out well for me. Nice to hear that you're a fan now, though. Hope you continue to edit I guess. Nice seeing you again. :)

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    • Realy! You left? I just cheked and it says you are the founder and an Admin. And yes I've been editting there. Nicehearing about you too!

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    • an anonymous contributor
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