• This was an April Fool's Day Prank for 2013 proudly brought to you by Regulus XXII, the Petty King of Oceania. This post has absolutely no official confirmations nor is it affiliated in any way with SMGO, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, Greg Weisman, DC Comics, Rick Astley, Rebecca Black or UNICEF. All Rights Reserved.

    As we know, SMGO has been engaged in talks with Warner Brothers over the potential renewal of two of Cartoon Network's shows. Now, with our efforts, I can proudly anounce that at 00:15 EST, Warner Brothers has responded to the negotiations and agreed to allow SMGO the chance to publicly fund the series for at least three more seasons provided the funds can be made. Green Lantern, was not so lucky however. See announcment at

    Greg Weisman has here has announced that he will remain with the series as producer, and, inspired by the fan support for the series, that planning is already well under way for Young Justice: Infinite, dealing with an Earth-16 partial adaption of some events from The Infinite Crisis, some tie-ins he revealed were required reading for the other writers were:

    • Batman: Under the Hood. Hinting at the long awaited appearance of Jason Todd in an animated series.
    • Nightwing: Renegade.
    • Aquaman: All Fall Down. A focus on Tempest and the possible appearance of the New Aquagirl may be on their way.
    • Day of Vengeance. Our magical heroes may be getting a spotlight as the 11th Age of Magic draws to a close.
    • Infinite Crisis itself. With the focus ending with Lex Luthor and what we've seen of Match at the end of the comic series, Alexander Luthor of Earth 3 and Superboy Prime are likely to be being replaced by them for narrative purposes. With the nature of various Earth's being recombined at the end into a New Earth in the Comcis, we are likely to see Earth 16 versions of any number of Earth's Heroes. Maybe Wally of another World will be a Fragment left by the process?

    YJ Will Return, but only if we all donate to SMGO, fill out your details here or send correspondance via mail this address.

    Cartoon Network, who had railroaded the series have not commented.

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